List of Skating Achievements

At the 1991 Nationals, Tonya became the first US woman to ever complete a Triple Axel (the most difficult of all skating jumps) in competition.

Tonya is also the recipient of the 1992 Bill Hayward Award, Oregon's top honor for amateur athletes.

1999 ESPN Pro Championships 2nd
1994 Winter Olympics 8th
1994 National Championships 1st
1993 NHK Trophy 4th
1993 Skate America 3rd
1993 Nationals Senior 4th
1992 Skate Canada 4th
1992 World Championships 6th
1992 Winter Olympics 4th
1992 National Championships 3rd
1991 Skate America 1st
1991 World Championships 2nd
1991 National Championships 1st
1991 Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1990 NHK Trophy 2nd
1990 Olympic Festival 2nd
1990 National Championships 7th
1989 Nations Cup 1st
1989 Skate America 1st
1989 National Championships 3rd
1989 Pacific Coast Senior 3rd
1988 Prize of Moscow News 1st
1988 National Championships 5th
1988 Pacific Northwest Senior 1st
1987 NHK Trophy 3rd
1987 La Coupe Excellence 1st
1987 National Championships 5th
1987 NWP Regional 1st
1986 Skate America 2nd
1986 Olympic Festival 3rd
1986 National Championships 6th
1986 Pacific Coast Sectionals 2nd
1985 Prague Skate 4th
1985 Olympic Festival 5th
1985 NW Pacific Regional Senior 1st
1985 Pacific Coast Senior 6th
1984 Pacific Coast Junior 2nd
1984 National Junior 6th
1984 Criterium De Sucre 3rd

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