Joe Haran Photos

These are some photos that Joe Haran sent us several years ago. The first set shows Tonya skating at a 1992 Christmas show and at the Ice Capades that same year in Portland. Others show Tonya fan club events, a party that Tonya organized for Joe's birthday and Tonya's activities shortly after the Whacking:

We would like to thank Joe for kindly sharing with us this important piece of Tonya history. The descriptions are mostly from Joe's own words.

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Ice Capades

The first batch shows Tonya at a 1992 Christmas show at the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, the rest show her at the 1992 Ice Capades at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland where she was a headline act:

[haran01] 1. My only surviving photograph of Tonya skating her encore at the 1992 Christmas program at Ice Capades Chalet in Clackamas Town Center.
[haran01] A zoomed-in version of the above.
[haran02] 2-6. Tonya's first program as top-billing star of the Ice Capades tour, December 1992. Memorial Coliseum in Portland.
[haran07] 7-15. Tonya's second program at the Ice Capades show.
[haran16] 16. Tonya in her finale costume at the Ice Capades show.

Fan Club activities

Rare, behind the scenes footage of the Tonya Harding Fan Club and the various activities it organized:

[haran17] 17. Me speaking at the first meeting of The Tonya Harding Fan Club, Clackamas Town Center, February 1993.
[haran18] 18. Tonya and I at that first meeting.
[haran19] 19. Tonya and I right after her exhibition skate at Clackamas Town Center, February 1993. She's got on that fabulous red costume of hers that I've always loved! I'm wearing one of my pre-fan club Tonya shirts. Tonya had just emerged from the rest room after a major post-performance asthma attack. When I approached her, she put her hands on her hips, made a comic "angry" face and wagged a finger at me, saying "Don't you dare lay your hands on me!" Then she broke into a big smile, laughed and gave me a hug.
[haran20] 20. The Portland Ice Skating Club's Mother's Day Roses work party. Yes, that's you-know-who in the background on the left. I'm the guy front left. Tonya had been there and then left, but came back that night asking for me and wondering where I'd gone (bless her heart).She seemed very downcast when she'd been there earlier and avoided eye contact or conversation.
[haran] Tonya and me upon the occasion of our installing her banner at Clackamas Town Center (she directed the work party like a real foreman)
[haran21] 21. Tonya on the ice at Clackamas Town Center with two youngsters who posed with her for the professional photographer's doomed session.
[haran22] 22. Tonya at the bar in front of the mirror in the "party room" at Ice Capades Chalet, with the mirror-reflection of one of the girls.
[haran23] 23. I get a free haircut from Tonya in the "party room." August, 1993
[haran] Tonya and me after my Tonya Cut
[haran24] 24. I'm watching Grand Marshal Tonya go by on a float at the Troutdale Parade, summer of 1993.
[haran25] 25. Tonya at practice prior to the party honoring her and Arthur Apfel -- British national champion, world bronze medalist and fourth place at the Olympics during the late 1940s. He was a real gentleman and thought very highly of Tonya as a skater and a person.
[haran] 26. The actual Tonya-Arthur party. Left to right (not in the mirror): Diane Rawlinson, Arthur Apfel, myself and Elaine Stamm's husband.
[haran28] 28. Myself standing behind two Tonya fan-club members staffing the Tonya Table at the Pacific Northwest Figure Skating Championships (the "death threat" tournament).
[haran29] 29. Tonya skating at the post-"death threat" exhibition. She had stipulated colored spotlights, as she can't see the ice very well under a white spotlight; but somebody dropped the ball and she had to struggle through her program under a white spotlight.
[haran30] 30. The mailbox out on the highway near the entrance road to Tonya's Beavercreek home.
[haran31] 31. The entrance road to Tonya's Beavercreek home. It's about three-quarters of a mile beyond this spot near the highway.

Joe's Birthday Party

Joe Haran's birthday party in June 1993 shows a fun side of Tonya with her playing a little practical joke on him:

[haran33] 33. My surprise birthday-party at Tonya's home in Southeast Portland. That's her nearest the door. (See my December 27th column at the Friends of Tonya Harding Society site for a description of this party.) June 13, 1993.
[haran34] 34. Another shot of my (genuine) surprise. That's Tonya's nose, hair and hands just visible on the right.
[haran35] 35. Post-surprise hugging draws to a conclusion.
[haran36] 36. First attempt at blowing out the candles. Left to right: Elaine's husband, unknown photographer, Angela Meduna's boyfriend, Angela Meduna, Maggie Morris, Al Harding, me, Angela Meduna's mother.
[haran37] 37. Tonya's knowing smile. The candles are rigged!
[haran38] 38. A very self-satisfied Tonya prepares to enjoy her little joke.
[haran39] 39. A beaming and happy Tonya holding my birthday card. (NOTE: the card itself can be found here).
[haran40] 40. What's left of the post-party group picture.

Post-Whack activities

Various activities following the Whacking, particularly Tonya's attempt at developing a Pairs routine. Notice the enhancement to Tonya's "upper body area", indicating that these were taken in late 1994 after her plastic surgery and the shooting of most of her footage for the film "Breakaway":

[haran] Tonya on the ice with me watching her on her court day (check out those arms of hers)
[haran] The last photo taken of Tonya and me, on the morning of the day she went to court (I'm wearing a gift from Tonya -- a "PDX Sportsline" shirt, from a cable-access sports-talk television program on which Tonya had been a guest)
[haran41] 41. After the Great Silence set in. Tonya at practice, Clackamas Town Center.
[haran42] 42. Post-troubles rehearsal of Tonya's self-proclaimed (and rightly so) "sexy" program.
[haran43] 43. More post-troubles practice.
[haran44] 44. With her pairs partner, a homosexual guy who wouldn't pose a threat to (her boyfriend of the time) Doug Lemon.
[haran45] 45. Tonya singing into pretend microphone.
[haran46] 46-48. More pairs practice. She was excellent at pairs and had hoped she and her pairs partner would get some gigs, but I don't think that ever happened.
[haran49] 49. Tonya being interviewed rink-side by a reporter from KGW-TV News, the National Broadcasting Corporation affiliate in Portland.
[haran50] 50. My "excellent" post-troubles source, Jason F. Sferlazza, displaying a $20 check Tonya gave him when he was broke.
[haran51] 51. Tonya at her Appreciation Dinner. August 19, 1994. The final act for Tonya by The Tonya Harding Fan Club. I did not attend.

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