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Sun Oct 4 08:14:46 1998
SUBJECT: Tonya's stats

Just curious as to how tall she is and how much she weighs. I have noticed that the ice skaters are not very big.

5'1" (155 cm) and 105 lbs (47 kg) according to her police record. Don't know what she weighs now, though you may be aware she had a bit of enhancement done on her upper body area about a year after her trouble.

Terry Hall
Head of Special Duties Section
Portland Ice Skating Society - New Zealand's Tonya Harding fan club

Thu Dec 03 11:15:29 1998

I am glad that you are fueling and burning the flame. I too want to pay to see Tonya Harding skate again.


Mon Jul 26 07:43:53 1999
FROM: Donna
SUBJECT: Good publicity For Tonya

I found this website coming across a strange editorial on Anyhow, I have long admired Tonya, her strength, never give up attitude and genuine compassion. I am disgusted and outraged at the way Figure Skating has developed with it's appeal to snobbishness and better than thou behavior. Tonya made one mistake and so many other skaters have flubbed numerous times and merely get a slap on the wrist or appeal to "feel sorry for me". I would love to have someone from this website write an essay or summary of the double standards so that I may publish them on my website Controversygrrls. ( I think this website is valuable and it gives a voice of appreciation for a fantastic skater and strong woman.

Fri Oct 1 19:23:21 1999
FROM: Mike Bourassa

At last, someone with the courage to believe the truth and go against the skating plutocracy has given Tonya Harding a chance! The moral of the story: DON'T EVER GIVE UP (especially when you KNOW you are right)! Long live Tonya---the REAL Portland Trail Blazer! -Mike Bourassa

Tue Oct 05 14:01:58 1999
SUBJECT: Tonya LIVE on Oregon Live


I wanted to let you know that Oregon Live is hosting a live chat with Tonya Harding this Thursday, October 7th, at noon PST. The chat will include video and audio simulcast. To find out more, please visit To access the chat, go to

Thank you!

Wed May 22 13:30:48 2002
FROM: hemispherectomologist
SUBJECT: Tonya Rocks!

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