Tonya's Dress Sale

Tonya is putting up a number of her dresses for sale. Most are from her appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2018, but there is also the one that she wore to the Los Angeles premiere of "I, Tonya". Each purchase comes with a letter of authenticity.

To purchase, or if you'd like more information, email

[Tonya in dress from first DWTS dance] 1. Gold dress DWTS first dance on the show.

[Tonya in mint green dress from DWTS] 2. Mint green dress (worn the night she did the spin on her back on the dance floor). (Ep1 - Foxtrot)

[Tonya in Rumba gown on DWTS] 3. The beautiful gown she wore when she honored her dad. (Ep3 - Rumba)

[Tonya in orange cha-cha dress on DWTS] 4. The orange short dress she wore when she and Sasha moved on to semifinals. (Ep3 - Cha-cha)

[Tonya in quickstep dress on DWTS] [Tonya with Sasha and bear on DWTS] 5. Country Dance Dress, with the bear. (Ep2 - Quickstep)

NOTE: Bear and Sasha for illustrative purposes only - NOT included in the deal, unfortunately!

[Tonya in pink waltz gown from DWTS] 6. Beautiful Pink gown. (Ep4 - Waltz)

[Tonya at L.A. premiere of I, Tonya] [Tonya at L.A. premiere of I, Tonya with Margot Robbie] 7. The dress she wore the at the L.A. premiere of "I, Tonya"... (very special and exciting for her. It has been photographed so many times).

NOTE: Margot NOT included either!


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