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January 1994

JAN. 7: Skater Attacked at Olympic Trials
JAN. 7: Thomas Boswell: Even in Sports, There's No Safe Haven
JAN. 8: Injured Kerrigan Withdraws From Olympic Trials
JAN. 8: Johnette Howard: Another Symptom of National Sickness
JAN. 9: Kerrigan Picked to Join Harding for Olympics
JAN. 13: Attack on Figure Skater Seen as a Plot
JAN. 14: Rival's Bodyguard, One Other Arrested in Skater Case
JAN. 14: Tonya Harding's Image Has Sharp Edges
JAN. 15: Three Held in Assault on Kerrigan
JAN. 15: U.S. Olympic Officials Hoping Harding Quits
JAN. 15: Thomas Boswell: Extra! Extra! Skater Hit in the Knee
JAN. 16: Harding's Ex-Husband Linked to Kerrigan Attack
JAN. 16: Beyond the Grace, Skating Is a Steely Sport
JAN. 16: Tony Kornheiser: A Real Knee-Slapper
JAN. 17: Attorney Denies Harding Involved; Kerrigan Skates
JAN. 18: Report: Transactions May Implicate Harding's Ex-Husband
JAN. 18: Kerrigan Says Harding as Teammate Not a Problem
JAN. 19: Harding Meets With Authorities, Says She's Left Ex-Husband
JAN. 20: Rival Skater's Ex-Husband Charged in Attack
JAN. 20: Tony Kornheiser: Image and Guilt Are Not the Same
JAN. 21: Bodyguard Says Harding Knew of Plot
JAN. 22: Harding Denies Involvement in Kerrigan Plot
JAN. 23: Tonya Harding Remains the Public Enigma
JAN. 27: Investigation Uncovers Bizarre Plot Twists
JAN. 27: Gillooly Meets With FBI
JAN. 28: Harding Admits Knowing of Plot After the Attack
JAN. 28: Harding's Admission Opens Door for Skating Officials
JAN. 29: Phone Records Could Link Harding to Attack
JAN. 29: Thomas Boswell: Spinning Her Wheels Into the Ground
JAN. 29: Editorial: Miss Harding's Responsibility
JAN. 30: Harding's Demeanor Has Helped Her Survive, Supporters Say
JAN. 31: Gillooly Reportedly Links Harding to Attack

February 1994

FEB. 2: Gillooly Pleads Guilty, Says Harding Approved Plot
FEB. 2: Nike Steps Up With $25,000 for Harding's Defense
FEB. 2: 'She Believed That ... She Could Not Win'
FEB. 2: Gillooly's Admissions
FEB. 3: Skating Officials Okay Kerrigan
FEB. 3: Richard Cohen: Give Tonya Harding Her Due
FEB. 5: Editorial: The Tonya Harding Debate
FEB. 5: Kerrigan's Knee Steady in Flawless Exhibition
FEB. 6: Group Begins Disciplinary Action Against Harding
FEB. 6: Overseas, Tonya's Flaws Represent Her Country's
FEB. 6: Harding-Kerrigan Plays Big in Norway
FEB. 7: Christine Brennan: Harding's Fate May Rest on Dotted Line
FEB. 9: Most Portland Residents Just Tired of Tonyagate
FEB. 10: Harding Files $20M Lawsuit Against the USOC
FEB. 11: USOC Asks Court to Dismiss Suit
FEB. 12: Tony Kornheiser: It's an Eerie Calm Around Kerrigan
FEB. 13: Deal Puts Harding in Olympics as Games Begin
FEB. 13: USOC's Statement on Tonya Harding
FEB. 13: Kerrigan Can't Wait to 'See What Happens'
FEB. 13: Harding's Camp Hails Decision as One Battle Won
FEB. 14: Judge Guides Skating's Compromise Resolution
FEB. 14: Tony Kornheiser: So, Tonya Joins the Club
FEB. 15: Thousands Watch Harding's Final Portland Workout
FEB. 15: Editorial: The Harding Deal
FEB. 17: Picture This: Kerrigan, Harding Meet by Accident
FEB. 18: Harding, Kerrigan Practice Together Under Scrutiny
FEB. 19: Coach Says Harding Asked to Skip Ceremonies
FEB. 21: Improved Practice Boosts Harding's Outlook
FEB. 23: All Eyes Fixed on Ice for Harding-Kerrigan Showdown
FEB. 24: Tony Kornheiser: Long Wait, Short Program of Melodrama
FEB. 24: Harding, Kerrigan Make it Easy for Beleaguered Judges
FEB. 24: Kerrigan Off on Right Foot; Harding Bobbles to 10th
FEB. 26: For Kerrigan, All That Glitters is Silver
FEB. 26: Harding's Travails Give Olympic Skating Final Spin
FEB. 26: Tony Kornheiser: Tonya's Last Tango
FEB. 27: Mary McGory: If I Had a Lillehammer
FEB. 27: Tony Kornheiser: The Ballad of Tonya and Nancy
FEB. 27: Kerrigan, Harding: Now the Rest of the Story
FEB. 27: Support for Harding Is Thin at Area Rinks
FEB. 27: CBS Draws Ratings Numbers of Olympian Dimensions

March 1994

MARCH 1: Kerrigan Will Turn Silver Into Gold
MARCH 4: Kerrigan Off the Ice Doesn't Seem Half as Nice
MARCH 5: Harding Tells Police of Attack, Injuries
MARCH 13: Christine Brennan: Kerrigan's Sins? Nothing to Speak Of
MARCH 17: Harding Admits Guilt in Plea Bargain, Avoids Prison
MARCH 17: Tony Kornheiser: Lose the Sequins, Avoid the Stripes
MARCH 17: Schiller Says USOC Has No Role in Plea
MARCH 17: Prosecutors Satisfied Justice Was Done
MARCH 17: Editorial: The Harding Plea Bargain
MARCH 18: Plea Aside, Harding Already Cashes In
MARCH 19: USOC Agrees to Review of Amateur Sports Act
MARCH 22: Art Buchwald Wonders Maybe She Could Sell Ice Cream
MARCH 22: Jury Says Harding Acquired Funding by Fraud

April 1994

APRIL 3: Don't Like Tonya? Tough. (Real Tough.)
APRIL 7: USOC Puts White House Off Limits to Harding
APRIL 13: In Wake of Harding, USOC to Take a Look at Law
APRIL 14: From White House to Schoolhouse, Olympians Greet Fans
APRIL 15: Top Olympic Skaters Hit the Road and the Jackpot
APRIL 16: With Judges Away, Skaters Play
APRIL 30: Tom Shales Reviews NBC's 'Tonya and Nancy'

June 1994

JUNE 24: Harding Manages 'American Love Machine'

July 1994

JULY 1: Harding Stripped of Title; Banned for Life by USFSA
JULY 14: Gillooly Gets Two Years in Prison, $100,000 Fine

August 1994

AUG. 12: Olympic Code of Conduct Under Scrutiny on Hill

December 1994

DEC. 23: Harding as Mrs. Claus Gives Rink Staff Pause


MAY 25: Harding's Latest Plot Twist Is a Car Chase
OCT. 9: USOC's Code of Conduct Is Still Unresolved
NOV. 19: Harding's Latest Move Will Be a Duet
DEC. 8: Kerrigan Wobbly After Injuring Heel
DEC. 24: Harding Weds for Second Time


MARCH 20: Harding Eyes Return to Figure Skating
APRIL 4: Harding Files for Divorce, Focuses on Comeback


FEB 8: Jennifer Frey: Harding, Kerrigan: Another Sad Performance

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