No, We don't have the Wedding Night Video

There are basically 3 good reasons why we don't have any stills from the so-called Wedding Night Video on this site:

  1. It isn't very good, on either a technical or "artistic" level. It's badly lit, poorly shot on amateur equipment, and Tonya's "performance" isn't exactly of gold medal standard. There are no triple orgasms here, in spite of all those rumors about how hot Tonya is supposed to be in bed.

  2. It's an invasion of privacy. When Tonya did this tape she almost certainly had no idea it would be published. The only reason it got released was because her vindictive ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, wanted to humiliate Tonya for revealing his part in organizing the Kerrigan attack.

  3. The sort of people who are interested in the Wedding Night Video seem to be ONLY interested in this aspect of Tonya. Most of them couldn't care less about her skating accomplishments or her ill-treatment by the USFSA. To them, Tonya is just a sex object to fantasize about while whacking their own 6-inch extendable police batons in the shower. The Portland Ice Skating Society exists to promote Tonya as a skater, not to provide dirty pictures for 13 year olds to jerk off on. There are other sites on the Internet that are much more suited to such people. Don't bother asking us for them as you won't get a reply.

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