T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

September 10, 2018 Edition
(C) 2018 Portland Ice Skating Society

Yes, it's another edition of "The Portlandian". And given what 
Tonya's been up to in the past weeks, we'd like to say a big 
"howdy, pardner" to all our subscribers. As usual there's lot's 
of Tonya news in store, so lets kick it right off with:


Not the title of a '70s porn movie, nor a chain saw massacre. But 
something far more interesting. In fact, it's got to be the most 
eagerly anticpated thing to hit the Lone Star State since the 
revelation of who shot J.R. Ewing.

They say that everything's bigger in Texas, and they don't come 
much bigger than Tonya!

Tonya recently did another live post-movie chat after a screening 
of "I, Tonya" in Austin on Aug. 14 and 15 at the Alamo Drafthouse 
South Lamar. Tonya spoke to the audience afterwards and then 
stood and greeted them for over 2 hours, taking selfies with 
fans. A report from someone on the scene says "they were so 
thrilled to meet her... What a great experience for her and the 
audience". There she also met Neon co-founder and Drafthouse 
cinema chain owner Tim League.

Tonya posted this picture of herself on Instagram - and it's 
attracted lots of positive comments:

Alamo Drafthouse has also posted this picture of Tonya's post-
movie Q&A on their Facebook page:


They say that if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. 
That's the challenge that Tonya will be facing according to this 
article in Portland's favorite fish-wrapper, which is reporting 
that she'll be appearing in a special celebrity edition of "Worst 
Cooks in America" early next year:

The O-rag quotes Allison Page, president of HGTV and Food Network 
as the source, who revealed the news at the Television Critics 
Association 2018 summer press tour back in July: "This week, we 
wrapped up filming on 'Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity 
Edition,' which will return to the screen early next year. This 
season, Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence take on the best of the 
worst celebrity cooks, from Tonya Harding to Morgan Fairchild, to 
see if they can help them find kitchen redemption."

Will Tonya repeat her stunning success on Dancing With The Stars 
in the kitchen? Or will her culinary skills be more a case of 
Moldy Old Dough? You'll have to watch it all the way through to 
find out, but our source within the Tonya camp tells us "she had 
a blast doing it".


Meanwhile, Portland legal ethics instructor Stuart Teicher had 
the good fortune to sit next to Tonya on a plane as she was 
flying back home after completing filming on her "Worst Cooks" 
appearance, and took this photo with her:

Like many people who have met Tonya in person, he was captivated 
by her charm, personality and good humor:

"I just sat next to @therealtonyaharding all the way from New 
Jersey to #Portland, #Oregon. She is one of the nicest people 
I’ve ever met! Tonya, it was a pleasure to meet you and I wish 
you the best of luck in everything!"

Who wants "Snakes on a Plane" when you can have Tonya on a plane 
instead? It's far more pleasant.


A detailed account of Tonya's San Francisco appearance from March 
has been posted by moderator Dan Han-Klein. This also includes a 
video of Dana's Q&A with Tonya, where she discusses watching the 
film for the first time, the politics of skating, landing the 
triple axel, meeting her husband, and her advice to others:

   "In spite of being in the public eye for so long, she too felt 
    a bit nervous before the Q&A. Once on stage, I could tell she 
    truly appreciates having a packed theater full of support. 
    She absorbs the reassurance from the crowd like a sponge, 
    soaking up the encouragement as if it could wipe away the 
    years of negativity aimed towards her. She is blunt, caring, 
    and - as you'll see in the video below - surprisingly funny."

   "They say never meet your heroes, but they say nothing about 
    meeting villains. The vilified Tonya Harding is a creature of 
    the past. The Tonya I met that day stayed after the Q&A to 
    take photos with every single fan who wanted one. Her 
    athletic prowess still reared its head. She playfully lifted 
    me up into the air at one point (please look out for the 
    pairs skating team of Harding/Han-Klein coming to the ice 
    soon). We bonded over the miracle of Spanx, various 
    respective sports injuries, and hell, we even did shots 

By the way, this was not Tonya's first visit to San Francisco - 
back in June 2002 we reported on a previous visit to that city 
where she met the then Mayor, Willie Brown, and posed for photos 
on a trolley bus:


A few further reports of Tonya's rooftop appearance in L.A. back 
in July have also now surfaced. Not much detail in this one, but 
a couple of photos of Tonya, including one with a couple of fans:

There's also some footage of Tonya's pre-movie Q&A session. 
Poorly filmed with a cellphone from the looks of it, but better 
than nothing (you'd think Neon/Alamo would film these things 

Another detailed article, though unfortunately this writer seemed 
more hung up on Tonya's politics than interested in the rest of 
her story:


Tonya has had to put up with many feeble jokes about being 
trailer trash over the years, but this time she's having the last 
laugh thanks to trailers of a different kind.

The Oscars may be well in the rear-view mirror by now, but 
somebody forgot to tell "I, Tonya", which is still racking up the 
silverware. This time it's won two Golden Trailer Awards for Neon 
and its advertising agency Zealot. "I Tonya: Haters" won Best 
Independent Trailer while the "mirror" trailer won the award for 
"Most Original TV Spot (for a feature film)":

You can view the trailers here - if you haven't seen them already 
(which we know you have):


And while on the topic of trailers, back in July ESPN's Espy 
Awards featured race-car driver Danica Patrick doing a fairly 
bang-on parody of the "I, Tonya" trailer:

The sketch, considered a highlight of the show, was introduced by
Allison Janney and featured Patrick's boyfriend Aaron Rodgers in 
the role of a Gillooly-type character, complete with bad 
mustache, who commissions a "hit" on the race car of rival Helio 
Castroneves (who does a pretty good Nancy impersonation). 
Definitely one of the better parodies out there, even down to 
using the same typeface and alot of the same music (and a real 

On the subject of parodies, Alamo has also done this other one 
featuring Paul Walter Hauser in his Shawn Eckardt role, getting 
kicked out of a cinema for failing to silence his pager - all 
done in the format of a "Hard Copy"-type tabloid TV show:


Hard on the heels of the Sufjan Stevens Tonya song, boy band 
Brockhampton premiered their new song, simply called "Tonya", on 
the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back in June:

Billboard describes "Tonya" as "a soulful track that heavily 
features the band's signature mix of soulful singing and rapping, 
with a big beat breaking in mid-way through the performance. By 
far one of the moodiest songs that the group has released, 
'Tonya,' paints themes of family disapproval, loss and grappling 
with success."

In spite of its title, it only briefly mentions her, in Kevin 
Abstract's rap: "My ghost still haunt ya/ My life is 'I, 
Tonya'/Big eyed monster, only face to conquer/I hated songs about 
fame 'cause this stuff meant nothing/Until them headlines came, 
the first flight I'm jumpin'."

This is not the first mention of Tonya in rap: references to 
Tonya & Nancy frequently turn up in gangsta rap, being mentioned 
in at least 12 known instances. In addition, a rap called 
"Classic Case" by Emma "Lil Freckles" Carroll samples 
Nancy's post-whack cries;

Perhaps Tonya could take up rap - we've had Ice T and Ice Cube, 
so why not "Ice Sk8a". She's already got the badass image 
necessary to be a rapper.


Tonya also gets a prominent mention in a new book by feminist 
writer Allison Yarrow. In "90s Bitch: Media, Culture, and the 
Failed Promise of Gender Equality," Yarrow continues the re-
appraisal of that decade's most controversial women, such as 
Tonya, Marcia Clark, Anita Hill, Monica Lewinsky Anna Nicole 
Smith and Lorena Bobbitt - and argues that overall the 90's was a 
decade of setbacks for female progress. Yarrow calls this 

   "The trailblazing women of the 90s were excoriated by a deeply 
    sexist society," writes Yarrow. "That’s why we remember them 
    as bitches, not victims of sexism". "The advent of the 24-
    hour news cycle reinforced society’s deeply entrenched 
    sexism. Meanwhile, marketers hijacked feminism and poisoned 
    girlhood for a generation of young women."

She also argues that Nancy got the short straw in this atmosphere 
as well:


Tonya has also proven an inspiration for fashion designers in 
recent months, in particular Adam Selman:

   "Adam has a lot of really cool inspirations, her being one of 
    them," says Holly Falcone, the nail artist behind the 
    blinged-out manicure, who insisted that the skater has been 
    an ongoing inspiration for Selman, rather than some fleeting 
    obsession resulting from the biopic. "Just in general, her 
    costumes were always really over the top and her nails were 
    always done, even 20 years later, like in The New York Times, 
    she's clutching her skates and has these long nails."

Now here's something that you thought you'd never see - Tonya 
being referenced in an advertisement by someone in Portland:

   Sweet early 90s Avia jacket. Very Tonya Harding. Great 
   condition! Bust: 22.5” length: 24”. Free shipping! 7 months 
   ago, Portland, OR, USA

Not the title of an early-70's Hannah-Barbera cartoon but a 90's 
fashion fad that's been revived, thanks to Tonya:

   On I, Tonya, the use of scrunchies had the opposite meaning: 
   it was a sign of Harding’s pride in her appearance that she so 
   closely matched her scrunchies to her outfits. Most were 
   created by Adruitha Lee, the hair designer, "who was 
   incredibly crafty," says Johnson. "She and her and assistant 
   would make a lot of them, or find them in cheap and cheerful 
   shops – drug stores – which is also where Tonya's 'Chanel' 
   earrings came from. Sometimes we would take those and 
   embellish them. Margot loved them and would take them home and 
   wear them."

This article praises Tonya stylish choice of a Louis Vuitton 
Speedy handbag:

   "But one visual element stood out to us above all others: 
   Harding's favorite Louis Vuitton sidekick. The classic, 
   beloved, and expensive handbag ($970; has 
   found a home in the closets of many celebrities, but no one 
   carried it with quite as much panache as Harding did."

How did Tonya come to possess such an expensive bag? Was it real, 
or a knockoff? Or a gift from an admirer? Unfortunately the 
article sheds no light on the mystery. But it was also an 
inspiration for "I, Tonya"'s costume designers:

   "There's something about Tonya that's surprisingly subtle to 
   me," explains Johnson. "She's very neat and very proud; she 
   always has her turtleneck tucked in and her leather bomber 
   jacket and her Louis Vuitton Speedy bag and her Chanel [double 
   C] earrings. It's these little details that show her pride 
   that she's made it and that she's proud of herself and the way 
   she dresses." To get the leather bomber right, Johnson 
   combined the body of one piece found at a costume house with a 
   button-detail collar from another jacket. "There were a lot of 
   solutions based on lack of money," she adds, about assembling 
   over 100 costume changes for Robbie.

Finally, it seems that skating in general is inspiring designers:

   Thanks also to the acclaimed film I, Tonya, where Margot 
   Robbie plays shamed skater Tonya Harding, who was embroiled in 
   an attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan, skating is having a 
   moment in the spotlight. Thank god there is finally a 
   fashionable sport. As I have written in this column before, 
   too long have our eyes suffered from badly dressed footballers 
   in drop crotch denims. 


Alysa Liu has become the tenth female figure skater (and 4th 
American) to enter the triple axel club after landing it at the 
Asian Open Trophy in Bangkok, Thailand in early August. At 12 
years old, she's also the youngest. May we offer our 


You just can't avoid Tonya these days: a random Tonya reference 
turned up in this guy's TED talk about procrastination when I 
was listening to the radio recently. It's about 3 minutes in. 
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (literally):

Here's Tim Urban's complete talk if you want to listen to it, 
plus a transcript:

I've been meaning to listen to it, but I just haven't got 
around to it...


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