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Current issue:

Issue 123 - July 25, 2022: Tonya DWTS dresses for sale; Tonya on social media; Prominent Tonyaphile wins podcast award; Back in the USSR; A couple of Tonya lookalikes; Facing the music with Tonya; Mike Amowitz - 1954-2022; The Haran artifacts, Part 3 - the birthday party; Short programs; Artwork roundup; Tonyatubbies, or Tonyasaurus Rex?

Back issues:

Please note that some of the links referred to in these issues may no longer be current.


Issue 122 - March 30, 2022: Reelin' in the years; Tonya on social media; The winner takes it all; Tonyarchy in the UK - the sequel? The Haran artifacts - part 2; Short program - Tonya odds & ends; Tonya fan art roundup; Around the world with Tonya; Tonya behind the Iron Curtain; The mall that wouldn't die?


Issue 121 - November 12, 2021: Tonya birthday cakes; 25 years of aggressive practice; An unseen Tonya photo; The case of the mysterious Tonya photos; Joe Haran artifacts; The Tonyaphile winter collection; Bottoms up!; Tonyaween and Lookalikes 2021; Fan art roundup; Another brick in the mall? the rise and fall of Lloyd Center

Issue 120 - September 9, 2021: Joe Haran obituary; New admins at Tonya Facebook group; Tonya makes a Cameo appearance; Musical Tonya; a few Tonya odds & ends; Canuck comics take on The Incident, eh? Tonya features in doctors art show; Digging the skating queen

Issue 119 - July 4, 2021: New York, Milan, Paris, and... Yacolt???; Tonya interview extravaganza; Tonya on Instagram; Tanks for the memory; From the vaults; A moron gets a Jayson; Rare Tonya footage unearthed; "Scandal Made me Famous" review; Tonya fan art roundup; Benny Napoleon dead; "I, Cruella"?

Issue 118 - February 19, 2021: The Trixel club; Tonya amongst most Googled skaters; Tonya fan art roundup; Tonya quiz answers

Issue 117 - February 16, 2021: Special Triple Axel day Tribute Edition: Leaping into history; Oh deer - it's Tonya! Tonya's garage sale; Beautiful Tonya photos now available; Tonya fan art roundup; Tonya quiz


Issue 116 - November 12, 2020: Special 50th birthday issue: Let them eat cake; Tonyaween 2020 and cosplay; media personalities look back; Tonyaphiles talk at Google; The perfect combination; When skaters collide; Yesterday once more; Tonya artwork roundup

Issue 115 - October 12, 2020: Tonya fan art spectacular

Issue 114 - August 8, 2020: Tonya goes to the dogs; Vintage Tonya skating footage unearthed; More Shawn odds and ends; Confronting a shadow - "My Hero the Hitman" review; Tonya fan art roundup

Issue 113 - April 18, 2020: Tonya domestic violence fundraiser photos; Old news, real and fake; Tonya's soundtrack skates again; Tonya boxes on on YouTube; Tonya meets the Love Machine; Callaghan skates free - while Tonya remains banned; Tonya artwork roundup

Issue 112 - February 13, 2020: Tonya-related works win critical accolades; Rock opera hits the ice in Florida; Tonya on Instagram; More cakes for Tonya; Tonyaphiles at Nationals; New Tonya-related concept album released; Jump compilations and Tonya skating routines on YouTube; More Tonya cosplay; Tonya fan art roundup


Issue 111 - November 12, 2019: Tonya historical material recovery; New Instagram posts by Tonya; A cake for Tonya; The Penguin skates off; Tonyaween 2019; A triple axel torrent; Tonya fan art roundup; "I, Tonya" - the f---ing truth

Issue 110 - October 19, 2019: Happy Feet? Rock opera skates to Florida and CD review; More old broadcasts; The cars of "I, Tonya", VHS rides again; Tonya artwork roundup; The Portlandian candidate

Issue 109 - September 14, 2019: Tonya features in new advertising campaign; A torrent of Tonyaphiles; Old Tonya interviews resurface; A beautiful Tonya skating photo; Tonya - punk rock princess? More Tonya-themed artwork; Tonya gets debugged; Once Upon a Time... In Portland

Issue 108 - July 15, 2019: Tonya speaks at Domestic Violence Clinic fundraiser; Tonya on RuPaul - Missing in action? Tonya Instagram roundup; Still remembering the Alamo; Tonya inspires two pop culture mashups; More Tonya-inspired creations; The shape of things to come? Christine, the strawberry girl...

Issue 107 - June 24, 2019: Special All "Worst Cooks" edition

Issue 106 - February 16, 2019: Happy Triple Axel day; Tonya to raise money for domestic violence victims; Tonya in a winter wonderland; The long shadow of '94; Tonya stunt double competes at Nationals; Alysa Liu lands triple axels; Icy blasts from the past; THNK1994 Museum holds retrospective exhibition; Rock opera returns to New York; Tonya's not in the Big Brother House; At the video store: Diagnosis Murder - Murder on Thin Ice; Skate it like Beckham

Issue 105 - January 8, 2019: It was 25 years ago today; New analysis clears Tonya; festive greetings from Tonya; Woke up this morning, got myself a gun...; Remembering the Alamo; Wonder Woman meets a real wonder woman; Tonyaween - Part 3; The Twilight Zone


Issue 104 - December 31, 2018: Special New Year's Eve edition with "I, Tonya" soundtrack countdown

Issue 103 - November 12, 2018: Tonya birthday party; Tonya Harding's day off; Tonyaween - part 2; A new, positive Tonya article; Several classic Tonya books republished; More Tonya fan art; The age of Tonyaquarius; A Little bird told me

Issue 102 - October 17, 2018: Halloween on Ice? Rock opera recording now available; "I, Shane"? - new Tonya-related doc to get premiere; Tonyarchy in the UK; Girls on Film; Tonya causes art attack; Instagram roundup

Issue 101 - September 10, 2018: Tonya Takes Texas; Cooking up a storm; Coffee, Tea or Tonya; The Skates of San Francisco; A Good Day to Die Harding; Tonya trailers definitely not trash; Tonya spoof takes the checkered flag at the ESPYS; Boy band debuts Tonya single; The bitch is back; Tonya inspires on the catwalk; Welcome to the club; Tonya turns up in TED Talk

Issue 100 - July 17, 2018: Die-Harding; 1986: A Skate Oddity; New Tonya social media accounts; "Dancing With The Stars" recap; New Portland Tribune Tonya article; Turning Japanese; A whiter shade of pale; Rock opera makes Texas debut; Costume auction result; "I, Tonya" - the review; Tonyas for sale

Issue 99 - April 29, 2018: Tonya on "Dancing With The Stars"; Team name, dances and rehearsals; Voting; Against all odds; Not without controversy; Tonya costume auction; Portland holds first Tonya Harding Film Festival; Tonya interviewed on Portland TV; I know what you're thinking...


Issue 98 - November 12, 2017: "I, Tonya" ands triple axel in Toronto; Positive reception at other festivals; Trailers and posters now on line; Time to reinforce the mantelpiece; Cast and crew interviews; Behind the scenes: recreating the legend; Other odds & ends roundup; Summary: "I, Tonya" first impressions

Issue 97 - August 23, 2017: "I, Tonya" to screen in Toronto; Yama-Kippi-Yay-Bo, motherf....r - THNK Museum returns in new location; Chicago Tonya play fails to score a 6.0 with critics; An encounter with a fan; Gossipcop kneecaps "Dancing With The Stars" Tonya rumor

Issue 96 - March 10, 2017: Lights, Camera, Tonya!; Margot gets her skates on; Calling all Georgia Tonyaphiles!; Museum on the move; Fake News: Reelz doc serves up Tonya's old trash as "news"; Frink the fink surfaces on KATU; Tonya rocks Chicago; New York performer takes sympathetic look at Tonya's life; Tonya turns up in the strangest places; "Tonya" turns up Trumps at party


Issue 95 - November 12, 2016: 20 years of aggressive practice; Tonya movie gets director and funding; A double dose of Tonya for Chicago; Nashville gets the Ice Treatment; Tonya will have you in stitches; Tonya gets pawned, but creates mystery; Kiwi Crix Nix Report on Tonya Flix

Issue 94 - June 3, 2016: Tonya's Triple axel treats; Big-screen Tonya? To skate or not to skate - that is the question; Tonya in "The Bronze" promo; KAOH honors Tonya; More 90's retro from the museum; Some new Tonya articles; John, I'm only skating; Hi-Def Tonya; An unusual tradition


Issue 93 - November 12, 2015: Portlandian Rhapsody; Museum update; Tonya mention in Kiwi newspaper; From Russia with drugs; The Big Ice Rink

Issue 92 - August 11, 2015: Night (and day) at the museum; No doubt about Tonya; Tonya rocks 'em in New York; Is Portland's figure skating community about to be "kneecapped"? Blatter gets the boot over FIFA corruption; A Rose-tinted future for Tonya?

Issue 91 - April 9, 2015: Tonya/Nancy museum to open in New York; Tonya still kicks ass in diorama contest; More Big Apple Tonya; "Tonya" takes the plunge in Ohio; You make me feel like dancing; A new Tonya comic; "Believer" Tonya article wins award; New alternative website address


Issue 90 - November 12, 2014: Not our Tonya; Tonya faces the music; Queen for a day; Oregon's greatest athlete poll; Tonya Harding: fashion icon; Lloyd Center rink gets a makeover; New Tonya videos; Der Fast Und Der Fuhrerious; Tonya goes bananas

Issue 89 - July 5, 2014: National Geographic Channel 90's special features Tonya; Tonya goes musical; 20 years of injustice; Reviews of ESPN's "The Price Of Gold" and NBC's "Nancy & Tonya"

Issue 88 - February 25, 2014: Special 20th Anniversary Tonya Quiz - Answers

Issue 87 - February 23, 2014: Special 20th Anniversary Tonya Quiz

Issue 86 - January 6, 2014: SPECIAL 20th ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR'S ISSUE; It was 20 years ago today; Born on the 12th of November; I'll have a beer, shaken but not stirred; Panic in Detroit; It's (Lille)hammer time!; Triple axels & double crosses - an examination of the evidence; Sudden impact; The real bad guys; Legacy; Twenty years on - where are they now?


Issue 85 - November 12, 2013: Move over, Lord Byron; ESPN Tonya documentary to air next year; "Skater" recalls Birthdays past; Lillehammer - slight return; Son of Sammy? - back to the future for the IOC


Issue 84 - November 12, 2012: Tonya birthday wishes and update; A blast from the past - "The Skater" now on-line

Issue 83 - August 11, 2012: Tonya on "Inside Edition"; Tonya documentary "Sharp Edges" now on line; Tonya is still the muse; Weird French Tonya play; The Purple Rose of Portland; IOC sleazebags table updated; A familiar face


Issue 82 - November 12, 2011: Tonya gives birth; Move over, Danica - Tonya's back behind the wheel; Rock opera back in Cambridge; Tonya is muse for fashion designer; Tonya's mailing address; British businessman proposes Tonya/Nancy boxing match; Why Tonya might want to move out of Portland; At the video store: "The Games"; "Tonya" makes appearance in Fairbanks fun run

Issue 81 - February 16, 2011: 20 years of Triple Axels; Tronya: Legacy; Tonya baby news; Tonya opera rocks in the heart of Nancy-ville; "Tonya" raises money at charity event; Let It Be - Tonya in Norwegian music video; There they go again


Issue 80 - November 12, 2010: It was 40 years ago today; Tonya ties the knot; Tonya back at bikefest; Tonya/Nancy opera rocks on; A day in the life; At the video store - "The Prize Fighter"

Issue 79 - June 18, 2010: Life's a drag for Tonya in Georgia; Tonya media watch; Boston Strangler exposes media double standards; Portland street named after Tonya; Former Tonya boxing promoter in hot water; Chicago theater group takes a whack at the Tonya story; New domain name; Sammy bites the dust; The Bad Girls of Skating


Issue 78 - November 12, 2009: New PDXISS web site address; Tonya in Vegas; Tonya's return to Bonneville; Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest; New Portland Tribune article; A blast from the past; A Tale of Two Skaters

Issue 77 - June 21, 2009: Tonya returns to boxing ring for Smokin' Joe Frazier's "Sportzbox"; Douglas update; Tonya on Inside Edition; Tonya on Oprah; Norwegian Tonyaphiles make fashion statement; A Good Whack; Ladies' 3-axel compilation; More "World's Dumbest"; Tonya on Swedish TV; Al Harding

Issue 76 - February 2, 2009: Tonya in Douglas, Georgia; Tonya returns to Detroit; Tonya is muse for Yacolt artist; New footage of Tonya in Harrison Arkansas; Weir cites Tonya influence; Compulsory Figures: Skate of the union; Tonya Trivia; His way


Issue 75 - November 12, 2008: Tonya celebrates birthday; More TruTV clips; The Seven Deadly Sins; A Skate Oddity: Tonya the tractor; the devil went down to Georgia; Jurassic Park author dies; Tonya trivia: ZZ Top

Issue 74 - September 23, 2008: The world's fastest Tonya; Tonya in Nashville; Tonya's book hits the shelves; Tonya in Kentucky; World's Dumbest; Tonya trivia question; Atlanta band writes Tonya song; The real Tonya Harding candidate?

Issue 73 - April 22, 2008: Rock opera debuts to almost full house; Tonya biography to be released; Tonya on truTV; Tonya sings in Meade County; Dinner & pool with Tonya; Early Tonya footage surfaces; Jayson's back; Big trouble in big China, or the IOC gets torched

Issue 72 - February 5, 2008: Opera to be rocked by Tonya appearance; Tonya on the campaign trail; Post-whack Tonya photos; The anti-Tonya candidates; The Man With The Golden Club; You only die twice


Issue 71 - November 12, 2007: Tonya at a birthday party - but not her's; Opera now rock opera; Tonya says hello to a donkey; A paparazzo's viewpoint; Let's Paint The 90's; The T-files: part 6 - tape and DVD trading

Issue 70 - October 23, 2007: Tonya in Vegas; Tonya on Japanese TV; "Blades Of Glory" - A Tonyaphile's perspective; Rip-off alert; Tonya CD available; Two Decades of Aggressive Practice: The Rise and Fall of David Hans Schmidt

Issue 69 - April 1, 2007: Tonya to box Nancy Kerrigan; Tonya reinstated, 1994 nationals title returned; Oregonian reporter fired for pro-Tonya article; Shocking Tonya wedding photos released; Compulsory figures: ISU to redesign skating scoring system - again

Issue 68 - March 30, 2007: Incident in Clark County; Nothing to see here folks, move along; Tonya at Hollywood Collector's Convention; Shawn gets some flower power; Tonya selling more photos; Tonya opera web site; The T-files: part 5 - tapes & DVDs; Compulsory Figures: The filth and the fury; Breakfast At Tonya's - slight return


Issue 67 - November 12, 2006: Ten years of aggressive practice; Downsize me, and Tonya wins car trophy; New Tonya skating photos; The T-files: part 4 - Rinkside P2P network; Michael Rosenberg interview; At the bookstore: Andrew Jennings cries Foul! at FIFA; Compulsory Figures: A yen for a skating ripoff; Pluto: the Tonya Harding of the solar system?; Tonya Quiz: Breakfast at Tonya's

Issue 66 - July 24, 2006: Tonya opera makes public debut; More Tonya theatrics; Poor health causes cancellation of Tonya appearance in Cleveland; The T-files: part 3 - YouTube; A "Jayson" for the Aussies?; Compulsory Figures: Is Johnny Weir getting "Tonya'ed" by the USFSA?; Getting "Stoned" - part 2

Issue 65 - May 1, 2006: A night at the opera; Tonya "Anything To Win" GSN special review; Tonya on ET and GMA; Tonya makes appearances; Blasts from the past (AZ spy shop/BBC Lillehammer footage); Paul Brown item; At the bookstore: "On Edge - Backroom Dealing, Cocktail Scheming, Triple Axels, and How Top Skaters Get Screwed" by Jon Jackson with James Pereira; Getting 'Stoned' with Tonya

Issue 64 - February 23, 2006: Tonya raises money for charity in Morehead, Kentucky; Gun's n Hoses fundraiser canceled; Tonya on "ET" & "The Insider"; Tonya GSN documentary; Tonya on "Good Morning America"; the "Jayson" awards - Welcome to the Tonyadrome; Whistleblower's book includes pro-Tonya slant; Compulsory Figures: The Skatrix rebooted; Tumblin' dice; Dirty dancing?


Issue 63 - December 31, 2005: GSN to screen Tonya documentary; A tale of two axels; Nancy clubs a SEAL; Nolan in court; The T-files: part 2 - the skating is out there; At the bookstore: "Cracked Ice - Figure Skating's Inner World"; Compulsory Figures: justice at last

Issue 62 - November 12, 2005: Chillin' with Tonya; Tonya clobbers Hilton at "Mississippi Massacre"; Tonya in Indiana; Panic in Detroit, or Tonya & Nancy - the opera; Tonya in the wrong sort of fight; Tonya tops the Google pops; web site news; Some Tonya skating videos on-line; Compulsory figures: a victory for free speech

Issue 61 - April 16, 2005: Tonya to appear at "Chiller Theatre" expo; Tonya dumps trainer; Tonya whacks Nancy-boy in Philly; Tonya thrashes Drake; A bum deal for Tonya, or the case of the dancing chicken; Kimmie's triple axel; web site news; media roundup; "Prize Fighter" movie released; David Hans Schleaze takes the Bizkit


Issue 60 - November 12, 2004: New official Tonya web site announced; Tonya dress for auction; Media roundup; The Living Daylights; Brewing up a storm; At the bookstore: the Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup; Skating with da fishes - the USFSA, toxic waste disposal and organized crime; Six degrees of Tonya

Issue 59 - September 30, 2004: Absurdity in Alberta; Million dollar payday for Tonya?; Confusion in California; Tonya on "The Man Show"; Tonya makes a name for herself; Ten years of hypocrisy; Tonya the muse; Cleanup, what cleanup?

Issue 58 - March 20, 2004: Saturday night's alright for fighting; Tonya raises money for charity with boxing match at hockey event; Tonya skates in Central Park; Tonya to fight in Canada in June; Tonya to perform during 2005 skating Nationals; The "Jayson" awards; Playing with a stacked deck; Compulsory figures: WSF files anti-trust suit against Speedy and Co.

Issue 57 - January 6, 2004: Special 10th Anniversary Commemorative edition: It was ten years ago today; The wilderness years; Tonya - ten years after; The verdict: not guilty


Issue 56 - November 12, 2003: Life in the fast lane; Brennan and Sue Fox change their tune; Controversy mars Dallas fight; Dunaway fight called off again; "Prize Fighter" trailer now available; A good Tonya cartoon; Norwegian Tonyaphiles now back on line; Compulsory figures: The Skatrix

Issue 55 - August 2, 2003: Punch-up at the Silver City Saloon; Yet another new trainer for Tonya; Media roundup; A fistful of web sites; When the moon is in the seventh house; Compulsory figures: move over Robert Mugabe; Editorial: Is Martha Stewart the Tonya Harding of business?

Issue 54 - June 13, 2003: Tonya moves from victory to victory; It's all OK in Oklahoma - Tonya bloodied but unbowed; Tonya hires new trainer; Clackamas rink closes; Compulsory figures: ice wars heat up over judging reform; Gillooly is Nancy-bashing again; Portland porn pirate hits an iceberg

Issue 53 - March 14, 2003: Tonya finishes in second place in first pro boxing contest; Tonya readies for next match; More legal woes for Tonya; Tonya features in role in boxing movie; Whacko Jacko exposes junk journalism; Speedy paints a pretty picture, or the Ninth Doctor

Issue 52 - February 22, 2003: Tonya fight now on; Hot sauce back in the news; Speedy skates over free speech; The Haran Chronicles - Part 13: The Media Circus (part 2)

Issue 51 - January 17, 2003: Tonya takes up boxing career; 'Tis the season to bash Tonya; Judge makes Tonya reference in Microsoft case; Tonya for President; More skullduggery at Skate Canada; The Haran Chronicles - Part 12: The Media Circus (part 1)


Issue 50 - November 12, 2002: Tonya hot sauce ripoff; Something chilly on the telly; Triple axels by the truckload; From Russia with bribes; USFSA trashes teddy bears in "security" scam; The Haran Chronicles - Part 11: Tonya gets stuck with a lemon

Issue 49 - June 29, 2002: Tonya a ratings knockout for Fox; Switched-on Tonya; Tonya goes to San Francisco; Breakaway trailer on-line; More legal troubles for Tonya; Ice Follies of 2002; May the farce be with you

Issue 48 - March 11, 2002: Let's get ready to rumble!; KUBE "T-man" promotion and other media appearances; A clarification; Tonya appearance raises money for September 11. victims; The French Connection; Slasher film director offers movie role to Tonya; French Connection II

Issue 47 - February 16, 2002: D.C. area Tonyaphile offers Tonya help; Tonya on TV; Yahoo! Tonya fan club moves to new location; Wheaties box followup; The Great Skating Swindle; Ice-skating judging: as crooked as a crankshaft; The Italian job


Issue 46 - December 30, 2001: ESPN to screen new Tonya special; Norwegian Tonyaphiles celebrate Tonya's birthday; The echoes of Jacksonville; Photos page; 2001: a skate oddity - sign of the times/fan clubs; Rosenberg retires; A Tonya history lesson

Issue 45 - November 12, 2001: TV Guide is the real weak link; Let them drink Coke; Artist plans pro-Tonya work; 2001: a skate oddity - a fistful of dollars, and stamps and phonecards; The Haran Chronicles - Part 10: Video killed the skating star

Issue 44 - October 6, 2001: Message from Tonya about the World Trade Center/Pentagon disaster; Tonya on "The Weakest Link"; Tonya hits home run; Barracuda club no drag for Tonya; Tonya on "Larry King Live" - yet again!; More photos; 2001: a skate oddity - Wheaties box, hot sauce and hubcap holster; The Haran Chronicles - Part 9

Issue 43 - June 28, 2001: Tonya pitches in to help baseball team; The story that wasn't; 2001: a skate oddity - "skater" virus; The Haran Chronicles - Part 8: The Book Project

Issue 42 - March 30, 2001: Tonya on Catherine Crier show; The Triple Axel - ten years after; Skate Canada kneecaps critics; The Haran Chronicles - Part 7: Tonya returns from nationals


Issue 41 - December 24, 2000: Xmas greetings from Tonya; Tonya thanks fans for birthday wishes; Norwegian fans hold party for Tonya; web site updates; "Breakaway" review & DVD news; The Haran Chronicles - Part 6: Tonya Reboots

Issue 40 - November 12, 2000: Tonya celebrates her 30th birthday; Norwegian Tonya site plans upgrade; And yet more Tonya photos; The Haran Chronicles - Part 5: Triple Axels and Double Crosses

Issue 39 - November 2, 2000: Tonya on - new book and video in the works; Tonya birthday plans; More Tonya photos at Pegasus Times; Yahoo! Tonya club; The Haran Chronicles - Part 4: terror on ice

Issue 38 - September 27, 2000: Tonya on; "Bad Boys Week" on TNN and visit to Charleston; A birthday surprise for Tonya?; PortIce site wins award; Aussies find this "family" man an offer they could refuse; The Haran Chronicles - Part 3: skating with death; "It's Only Corruption" - the new game for the entire Olympic family

Issue 37 - July 27, 2000: Gidday, cobber - Tonya tackles the Aussies, and takes on TNN; More of Joe Haran's stuff

Issue 36 - June 23, 2000: Vindictive judge whacks Tonya with jail time; Shock! Horror! Exclusive! - Trashloid Doctors Photos; Court TV review at Puppetland; Gillooly whacks Nancy; Gates = Gillooly; Print still available; Tonya - warrior princess; Rosenberg interview; Taking out the trash at e-bay

Issue 35 - April 20, 2000: Silver puts bullet into Tonya's comeback; Tonya and Darren - what really happened; Tonya thanks fans for support; Court TV to air Tonya special; Tonya's garage sale; The Haran Chronicles - Part 1

Issue 34 - January 25, 2000: SFX officially signs Tonya; Tonya goes for a skate - and meets a rat; Tonya media blitz; Vote for Tonya; Christmas photo offer; Site upgrade; A chance for Tonyaphiles to Breakaway; Take an aspirin, Morry - Joe Haran is back in town


Issue 33 - November 12, 1999: Tonya thanks her fans; Behind the scenes at Huntington; Blades of Gold Tonya mailing list; Tonya breaks Net and TV ratings; Peggy Fleming comes out; Not a pretty picture

Issue 32 - October 20, 1999: Tonya kicks ass in Huntington, receives massive standing ovation; Button praises Tonya's skating; Anti-Tonya conspiracy shattered; More articles; ABC chat transcript; Website updates

Issue 31 - October 19, 1999: Tonya welcomed back in Huntington; Pasha wimps out; Tonya on the Tube; More articles on Tonya's comeback; Tonya on Country Music TV; "Oregonlive" Tonya chat session; Nancy, but no Sid...

Issue 30 - October 7, 1999: Oregonlive chat session with Tonya; Tonya articles; Ticket and broadcast details; Messages for Tonya; New shortened PortIce URL; Keeping the peace with Juan Antonio

Issue 29 - September 25, 1999: Tonya to skate in pro competition; Re-run of E! Tonya special; It's Yahoo! for the Portlandian; More new photos; Another new Tonya site; New book digs up more IOC dirt; Tonya banned again!

Issue 28 - August 19, 1999: "Blades of Gold" website on line; Norwegian community service group honors Tonya; Leave a message for Tonya; A skate oddity; source for PAL Tonya video tapes; Portland's pathetic pornmeister strikes back

Issue 27 - July 30, 1999: Roy Edwards' Dirty Little Secret - a special investigation into the former Tonya site webmaster's murky past in the porn industry

Issue 26 - June 4, 1999: Tonya on "Arli$$"; New photos; Tonya collectables on E-bay; "Tonya & Nancy - The Inside Story" review; USFSA skates out of Callaghan scandal

Issue 25 - April 24, 1999: Tonya skating outfit to be auctioned; New Tonya video; Scandal in Detroit; Sammy says "no thanks" to senator's invitation; Olympic hypocrisy balloons out

Issue 24 - March 28, 1999: Tonya on "Roseanne" and ESPN; New "Oregonian" article on Tonya's plans; Charlie Main site now back up; IOC: 0.0 for credibility; Olympic Hall of Shame; Toller Cranston paintings and the IOC

Issue 23 - March 1, 1999: PortIce web site birthday; Tonya the TV star; Tonya lands coaching job; Top level meeting may clear way for Tonya; Brennan calls for Tonya's return; Website news

Issue 22 - January 29, 1999: Tonya and Michael Rosenberg; Tonya special Re!viewed; Pegasus Times Tonya site; Garbage day in Lausanne; The secret life of Juan Antonio Samaranch

Issue 21 - January 16, 1999: Tonya "E!" special; More Olympic sleaze exposed; Go ahead, make my day; Wanted: Bond Bodyguard


Issue 20 - December 22, 1998: PortIce Tonya T-shirt now available; New web site URL's; Song lyrics request; IOC bidding scandal; Pro skating championships reviewed

Issue 19 - November 12, 1998: Birthday celebrations; Charlie Main's Tonya site now up; vital stats; Hell-oween On Ice review.

Issue 18 - October 24, 1998: - Tonya TV special; Photos; "Amazing Grace" recording; More Photos; Tyson comments

Issue 17 - September 17, 1998: Tonya appoints new agent; Website upgrades/Norwegian Tonya page; Joe Haran is back; Starr Wars - or Nice try, but no cigar; Samaranch comes out; PortIce home town gets new ice rink

Issue 16 - July 8, 1998: "Breakaway" tape contest; Fake porn causes stir; new Tonya forum; book for sale; Tara; privacy policy; "Lie Detector" review

Issue 15 - May 1, 1998: PortIce Phase Two now up; Message of Support from Greg & Linda Lewis; Swan Lake site appears; Gillooly on "Lie Detector"; "The Black Stone"; Brennan's "Edge of Glory"; Z100 pulls stunt; new video source; Plasmatics tribute

Issue 14 - February 20, 1998: Tonya Photos for sale; PortIce site Phase One on line; CBS airs Tonya item; Ear, Ear, Ear; Samaranch II; Tonya in Nagano (sort of); Witt in gangster movie; Pasha Grishuk is at it again

Issue 13 - February 9, 1998: Fox special review; Samaranch exposed; PortIce Web site; new Tonya joke

Issue 12 - February 3, 1998: Fox special preview; Beacom bungles big time; letter to Prebble

Issue 11 - January 6, 1998: Four years after; Tonya gets done in Dallas; Lilly/Hammer site; PortIce Web site news; Puppetboy fan club; Vail special; Tonya gets truck back


Issue 10 - November 12, 1997: Happy Birthday Tonya; Tonya's truck ripped off again; Web site news; Tonya acclaimed as role model; Tonya makes front page of "Press"; Tonya and Princess Di

Issue 9 - July 7, 1997: Posting policy; Mummy not missing; unhappy anniversary; ASW article; Web site upgrades; Bobek behaving badly; Cigarette Smoking Man; Tonya skating tapes; "Portlandian" re-organization

Issue 8 - May 12, 1997: Correction; "Women|Sport" article; The Great Skating Schwindle; The case of the missing mummy; "Breakaway" on Cinemax; classifieds

Issue 7 - April 11, 1997: Probation expiry special; Witt welcomes back Tonya; Web site update; Norwegian fan club set up; special edition

Issue 6 - February 24, 1997: Tonya triumphs in Reno; second Tonya web site on line (David House)

Issue 5 - February 14, 1997: Tonya foils abduction attempt; new Web site (Jim Maxey); Baiul on DWI charge; Tonya in survey; photos from David Hans Schmidt; Tonya/"Star Wars" connection

Issue 4 - January 21, 1997: Tonya to make pro debut; blotto Baiul busted


Issue 3 - December 19, 1996: "Portlandian" now on AFTHWWW; skating with wolves; Kimball denies allegation; Ito retires; Eckardt lands Bond role; Tonya in Xmas film

Issue 2 - November 26, 1996: Old outfits auctioned; phony exposed; a reader's request

Issue 1 - November 12, 1996: Tonya's birthday; Tonya resurrects the dead; Tonya demonstrates 3-Axel on "Inside Edition"; Tonya teaches (Ex) hubby some manners

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