T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

(C) 2021 Portland Ice Skating Society

It's safe to say that 2020 is not going to be remembered as a 
vintage year. It got off to a bad start with Sarah Palin dressed 
in a pink bear suit rapping about men's butts. And then it just 
went downhill from there. Perhaps it is appropriate that it ended 
with the collapse of the Arecibo radio telescope, a fitting way 
to finish off one of the crappest years in decades. You thought 
2016 was a stinker with all those old 20th-Century pop-culture 
icons kicking the bucket? It now looks like a warmup for 
something much worse.

I think that Tonya's sweatshirt pretty much says it all about how 
we feel about last year:

2021 hasn't got off to a great start either with the riot at the 
Capitol in Washington DC. Still, that at least had an upside for 
Tonyaphiles, serving to distract attention from the 27th 
anniversary of a certain "incident" in Detroit on that day in 

But today we have a reason to celebrate: for today is the 
anniversary of one of the greatest moments in both figure skating 
and in Tonya history - the 30th anniversary of Tonya's landing of 
the triple axel in 1991. We'll be marking this special occasion 
by looking back at that moment, and with our second Tonya Quiz, 
so that you can see just how much of a Tonyaphile you really are.


Skating to an eclectic mixture of music consisting of the theme 
from the film Batman, "Send in the Clowns" and Tone Loc's "Wild 
Thing", in a routine devised by her long-time choreographer 
Barbara Flowers, Tonya landed the triple axel about 45 seconds 
into her Long Program at the Target Center in Minneapolis on this 
day in 1991. This feat, the first by an American woman and only 
the second in the world after Midori Ito of Japan, resulted in 
her winning her first National title and becoming the first 
American female skater to receive a 6.0 for technical merit since 
Janet Lynn's U.S. Nationals performance in 1973. She also 
received a standing ovation from the crowd.

We've found what appears to be the cleanest version on line, but 
is lacking the scores - note how it has had over 3 million views 
in three years:

- with the Kiss & Cry, but with annoying tracking problems: 

If you want to know why this is a big deal, this video explains 

This achievement was so significant that as of 2020, only 12 
women have successfully completed this jump in international 
competition. No other U.S. woman would land it again at the 
Nationals until Kimmie Meissner in 2005, and her landing was 
arguably dirty. When it came time to recreate this historic 
moment for the film "I, Tonya" in 2017, no suitable skating 
double could be found to replicate it, so a bit of digital 
trickery had to be employed to extend a double axel into a 

Or, to put it another way: if a triple Axel was a handgun, it 
would be a .44 Magnum. Which makes Tonya the Dirty Harry of 
figure skating. Do you feel lucky, punk?

It was but one of seven triple jumps that Tonya would perform in 
that program, and also make her one of two women to complete six 
different triple jumps and a triple axel in the same program, the 
other being Midori Ito.

The achievement got national coverage at the time, being reported 
in such major media as The New York Times, the L.A. Times and ABC 

It also got local coverage. Here's how it was reported at the 
time by Tonya's hometown station of KATU:

Announcer Al Michaels, who called the event, was reminded of his 
role while watching "I, Tonya" three years ago:

At the 1991 World Championships in Munich the following month, 
Tonya again landed another triple axel. Tonya would finish second 
behind Kristi Yamaguchi with Nancy Kerrigan coming in third, 
making this the first time a single nation had made a clean sweep 
of the Ladies podium at Worlds:

At the 1991 Skate America competition in Oakland CA. in 
September, Tonya notched up three more firsts, becoming the first 
woman to complete a triple Axel in the short program, the first 
woman to successfully execute two triple Axels in a single 
competition, and the first to complete a triple Axel in 
combination (in this case, with a double toe-loop): (Short Program) (Long Program)

Unfortunately, this would be the last time that Tonya would 
successfully land the triple axel in competition. She would try 
and fail at the 1992 Olympics, and did not attempt it at the 
Olympics in 1994. It would take until 2018 before an American 
woman would finally succeed at the Olympics in the form of Mirai 

Tonya was to perform Triple Axels in public only one more time: 
on an episode of "Inside Edition" in 1996. She did five takes, 
falling on one and landing dirty on the others. She later did 
another one live, also with a clumsy landing. Tonya herself last 
reported successfully landing them in practice in the Fall of 
2000, according to an interview on the now-defunct Internet radio 
station in October that year. This is the last time 
that we are aware of Tonya successfully performing this jump.

It's a moment that even many years on still brings Tonya close to 
tears, as seen in this 2018 interview.

Sad to say, the only place Tonya can perform a triple axel today 
is in her dreams. But nothing and nobody can take this history-
making moment away from her. We hope that eventually Tonya will 
be given her rightful place in the Figure Skating Hall of Fame 
for this outstanding and amazing athletic achievement.


Tonya has posted a few other messages on Instagram since our last 
issue, these a bit less R-rated than the one above.

In late November, Tonya shared this photo of herself at 
Thanksgiving. And I think we can be rest assured that turkey was 
cooked to perfection thanks to all of Chef Anne's training!

Tonya also posted a couple of Christmas-themed photos as well. 
The first shows her attired in Christmas garb, posing with an 
illuminated deer:

The second is of Tonya in a tight skirt, proving that even at 50, 
she's still got it:

A roaring fire, Christmas decorations, and Tonya. What more do 
you need for a perfect Yuletide season?


Many people had Tonka trucks when they were kids - now some lucky 
person has a Tonya truck!

It goes without saying that every Tonyaphile worthy of the title 
would love to own one of Tonya's trucks - indeed, it would 
probably be the top non-skating related Tonya collectible we'd 
like to find under our Christmas tree (though you'd need a very 
big tree). Well, now somebody has - because shortly before 
Christmas, Tonya sold hers!

In case you are wondering, this site belongs to her good friends 
Greg & Linda Lewis, so it is legit.

Tonya says the truck has had an 80% ground-up restoration, 
performed by Impact Auto, of Washington State, including tires 
and wheels, differential, transmission, exhaust, brakes, inner 
and outer bearings, front steering arms, front steering 
stabilizer arm, drop-pitman arm, all bushings, and the
main block of the motor. Receipts are available.

    "I replaced everything added onto the truck to make it work, 
     such as power steering pump, all hoses, water neck, 
     radiator, alternator, water pump, battery, wipers, plugs 
     wires, and Raptor liner paint (which I did with a friend of 
     mine). The truck also has new window guards, new vinyl floor 
     board, alarm, factory stereo, 4 inch lift kit, and brand new 
     wheels and tires (35 inch)."

    "This truck is the deluxe model, so it has air conditioning, 
     power windows and power seats. The seats are cloth. So 80% 
     of the truck is brand-new within the last five years, and it 
     has less than 5000 miles on it since the restoration was 

    "I'm sure there's more. But right off the top of my head, 
     that's all I can think of, right now (It's a huge list, 

Asking price was ten grand. The reason for selling is not given, 
though we hope it's just because Tonya has bought something even 
gruntier, not because she's downsizing to a Nissan Leaf. And no, 
before you ask, it does not have 3 axles - like this one at the 
THNK1994 Museum:

Rumor is that the successful buyer was somebody with a name that 
sounded like "Margaret" or something similar - hard to tell as 
she had a strong, possibly Australian accent...

Would you buy a used truck from this woman? Yes, definitely!

Also for sale was a set of fine china that was given to Tonya in 
1988 for winning a competition in Russia and a custom-made Tonya 
Bobble-head doll. These items have now also been sold.

However, all is not lost - two of Tonya's dresses are still for 
sale as of the time of writing.

- Tonya's wedding dress from her marriage to her current husband 
Joe Price in 2010. Note that this is not the one seen in a 
certain "home video" that Tonya made in the distant past:

- Tonya's dress from Dancing With The Stars:

If any more items are offered, they will be posted here.


For those of us with more modest budgets, there's also welcome 
news: after an absence of many years, Tonya has now once again 
started selling autographed photos.

Prices are $40 for a signed photo and an extra $10 for a brief 
message. There are currently six different photos to choose from:

1. Tonya in a snowy Christmas landscape:

2. Tonya's Short Program at Lillehammer in 1994:

3. Tonya skating in Vail, Colorado, during the filming of the 
   "Breaking The Ice" special in late 1997:

4. "Lickety Split", the Ford Coupe that Tonya drove to set a land 
   speed record in 2009 - complete with a very attractive hood 

5. Tonya on the podium after her 1991 Nationals win:

6. Tonya sitting on a motorbike for a promotion for The Nashville 
   Network's "Bad Boys Week" in August 2000:

With such a splendid range to choose from, your Christmas gift 
problems for this year are solved. Because, contrary to what 
scriptwriter Steven Rogers once said, nothing says Christmas more 
than Tonya!


Now for our regular feature, Tonya fan art. Since this is Triple 
Axel Day, we'll start off with a bunch of artwork devoted to that 


   #drawcember2020 Day 12: ‘Skating’
   "I decided to take some inspiration from the scene in ‘I, 
    Tonya’ where Tonya is preparing to do a triple axel jump. 
    It’s partially inspired by the video or the real Tonya 
    Harding too, but I wanted a clearer shot of her face before 
    the jump so I went with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her in 
    the movie.

askar_reviews - the Triple Axel, plus a positive film review:

   "This style of direction to me is refreshing and genuinely 
    entertaining, rather than making it close to a biography, 
    director Craig Gillespie made it into a smart conversation 
    between the characters themselves and also the viewer. 
    Hearing all angles of the story and making you, the viewer, 
    the judge of what happened. This movie got Allison Janney her 
    first Oscar (Best actress in a supporting role) as she played 
    the role of Tonya’s mother, a deserved Oscar nonetheless."

haydensscomet - more triple axels

Oyku Metin (_artofoyku_)


More "I, Tonya" artwork:

Abdelrahman Hajj ( - various scenes from the movie:

Katherine Kiel (psychokieler_art) - the confrontation with the 
skating judge:

Mar (filmss.and.films) - "attitude" Tonya from the film poster:

Estele Sluse (estellesls) - an alternative movie poster featuring 
all the characters from the film:

   "I, Tonya - 2017
    I love this movie a lot, so I decided to make an alternative 
    movie poster of it, so, swipe to see the full version and 
    the black and white one :)

    Here is my review of this fantastic movie:
    Fun and original biopic about Tonya Harding, ice skating 
    figure (and a bit controversial). I loved this movie a lot, 
    the way that is filmed is original, and I always like when 
    the fourth wall is broken, it doesn't look like a classic 
    biopic. Also, the soundtrack is just perfect, and the actors 
    are simply excellent (Margot Robbie, Allison Janney, 
    Sebatian Stan and the others) and the characters are very 
    interesting ..."

Zatt (zatt.psd) - another "I, Tonya" poster:

Grace Liu ( (12/30) - "I, Tonya" collage:

   "-i loved this movie bc i love figure skating, and it was 
    inspired by an edit by @filmsfromsaturn 

Khalid (kaldld): Portland OR. Tonya-inspired makeup:

A couple of crying Tonya drawings:

Timothy McLaughlin (tim_8443): New England:

John Baldwin (jbass6):

REatNOON (reatnoon) - Tonya's 1992 Olympics short program: (liked by real Tonya)

   "I'm in love with @therealtonyaharding I drew her some time 
    ago and I had to redraw her now! I just looooveeee this 

Amelia Morgan (in_living_watercolor)- Tonya doing a Biellmann 

   "Testing out a new pan of paint and channeling my favorite 
    figure skater, @therealtonyaharding ! #gansaitambi 
    watercolors are so beautifully pigmented and behave a lot 
    like gouache!! I think I have my weekend planned!"

And last, but definitely not least, we have Gisa from Germany, 
who has been busy, with some Christmas ornaments, earrings, an 
advent calendar, some scrunchies and a DWTS collage:


     "Yooptzah everybody (especially fellow Tonya Fans),

     Today is the birthday of the amazing @therealtonyaharding  
     so let's celebrate her with a little collage from DWTS (Love 
     her dancing Dress)

     Tonya, If you See this: I Wish you an awesome day with your 
     loved ones and many happy Returns and everything good in the 

     I used a Lot of glitter paint and glittery cardboard for the 

     Hope y'all Like it."

    "Here is the (totally awesome) 24 of my amazing advent 

     In the Story The owl I sent to the US turned Out to be for 
     @therealtonyaharding and she sent Back to me magic skates 
     and a Magic skating Dress so I can do some figure skating at 
     the #naehkromanten Hogwarts Christmas celebrations and save 

     Even with Magic I could NEVER Skate Like Tonya of course.

     But I really Love the Idea and the end of the Story and I'm 
     really sad that the advent calendar is finished now.

     And I got this totally awesome Tonya-themed longsleeve Shirt 
     with skates on it and the cuffs and collar in teal (Like one 
     of my favourite costumes, the one from World's 1992) and 
     also two awesome Tonya Patches (to Put on my bag or 
     favourite denim jacket) and some more scrunchies

    "Here are two awesome christmas ornaments (Made from perler 
     beads) I got from the amazing @regenbogentigerfrau 
     additional to my christmas card.

     It was a lovely surprise and they are perfect.

     She knows from my Swap Info that I'm a Ravenclaw and that 
     I'm a huge Fan of @therealtonyaharding and figure skating so 
     she made a Ravenclaw crest and a glittery skate in the 
     colours of Tonya's Most famous costume."

    "Here are two pairs of earrings inspired by 

     My favourite figure skater forever is still great 
     Inspiration for making jewelry. 

     I used little snowflake / ice crystal charms (I know that 
     Tonya loves snowflakes) and crystal glass beads.

     The mint-coloured beads of course are supposed to remind of 
     Tonya's famous Triple Axel costume and the purple-and-silver 
     beads are inspired by the purple costume with the silver 
     swirly decorations (one of my favourites) she wore at the 
     start of her career.

     Hope you Like them."


And now it's time for our special feature: our Tonya quiz.

This time round, we focus on stuff that has happened in 
Tonyaville since our last quiz in 2014. Naturally "I, Tonya" will 
feature heavily. Although there are a few tricky ones, all of 
them have only one, unambiguously correct answer, and don't 
depend on differing interpretations of the wording as to which 
answer is correct. Many of the answers can be found in previous 
editions of The Portlandian (some even in this edition). As 
before, there's no prize for getting it right. Your only reward 
is that warm, smug, self-satisfied feeling inside that you get 
when you realize you know something that most other people don't.

1: On the day on which Tonya was born, which one of the following 
things also occurred?

      a) a whale was blown up with dynamite
      b) Sharon Tate was murdered
      c) the Watergate break-in took place
      d) "The Partridge Family" debuted on television

2: What music did Tonya skate to when she landed the Triple Axel 
at the 1991 U.S. Nationals?

      a) "The Passenger" by Siouxsie & The Banshees
      b) "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop
      c) the theme from Batman
      d) the theme from Jurassic Park

3: What was the name of the low-budget action movie that Tonya 
had a bit part in shortly after she was banned from figure 

      a) "Breakaway"
      b) "Sharp Edges"
      c) "The Price of Gold"
      d) "One-Eyed Hooker With A Shotgun"

4: Artist Mike Denison once drew a picture showing Tonya & Nancy 
as characters from which Stanley Kubrick film?

      a) A Clockwork Orange
      b) 2001: A Space Odyssey
      c) The Shining
      d) Dr. Strangelove

5: What was the name of the Swedish skating official who examined 
Tonya's broken shoelace at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics?

      a) Astrid Lindgren
      b) Britta Lindgren
      c) Christina Lindberg
      d) Greta Thunberg

6: Ricotta, Scafata and Mascarpone are:

      a) characters from "The Sopranos"
      b) famous opera singers
      c) Italian figure skaters of the 1950s
      d) some of the ingredients in Tonya's prize-winning meal on 
         "Worst Cooks"

7: Shortly before the 1994 attack, "I, Tonya" director Craig 
Gillespie was also involved in making a TV commercial featuring 
Nancy Kerrigan for which company?

      a) Nike
      b) Texaco
      c) Disney
      d) Campbell's Soup

8: Which artist released a song about Tonya in December 2017?

      a) Sufjan Stevens
      b) Ed Sheeran
      c) Taylor Swift
      d) Alice Cooper

9: According to a study by the Portland Ice Skating Society's 
Special Duties Section published in "The Portlandian" in November 
2019, how many f-words does "I, Tonya" contain?

      a) 61
      b) 129
      c) 173
      d) 269

10: Which of these songs was NOT used on the soundtrack of "I, 

      a) "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp
      b) "Sleeping Bag" by ZZ Top
      c) "Romeo & Juliet" by Dire Straits
      d) "Evil Woman" by the Electric Light Orchestra

11. Which of the following skaters was one of the stunt doubles 
for Margot Robbie in "I, Tonya"?

      a) Gracie Gold
      b) Ashley Wagner
      c) Heidi Munger
      d) there were no stunt doubles - Margot did all her own 

Okay, we're gonna make this next one real tough:

12: Established in 2015, the THNK1994 museum is located in which 
Borough of New York City?

      a) Brooklyn
      b) The Bronx
      c) Manhattan
      d) Staten Island

13: In 2015, Portland artist Brittany Powell created a diorama 
based on what Tonya-related event?

      a) the Nancy Kerrigan assault
      b) the 1991 Nationals triple axel
      c) the broken shoelace at Lillehammer
      d) her fight against Paula Jones in "Celebrity Boxing"

14: After his release from prison, what did Nancy Kerrigan hitman 
Shane Stant change his name to?

      a) Shane Price
      b) Shane Stone
      c) Brian Shane Griffith
      d) none of the above

15: An incriminating note, allegedly in Tonya's handwriting, was 
found in a dumpster outside which location?

      a) The Clackamas Town Center mall
      b) The Dockside Saloon
      c) The Tony Kent Arena
      d) Christine Brennan's house

16: Tonya made it through to the final of which reality show in 

      a) Celebrity Big Brother
      b) Dancing With The Stars
      c) The Masked Singer
      d) Real Housewives of Clackamas County

17: Two roads named Harding and Kerrigan intersect in which 

      a) Portland, Oregon.
      b) Stoneham, Mass.
      c) Copiague, NY.
      d) Lillehammer, Norway.

18: "Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera" played in which American 
city last year?

      a) Naples, FL.
      b) Reno, NV.
      c) Huntington, WV.
      d) Phoenix, AZ.

19: Tonya appeared at a fundraiser for which type of charitable 
cause in Eugene, Oregon in 2019?

      a) muscular dystrophy
      b) 9/11 victims
      c) domestic violence
      d) a children's hospital

And here's one for Sarah:

20: Tonya shares her birthday with which famous American mass 

      a) Ted Bundy
      b) Charles Manson
      c) Ed Gein
      d) Jeffrey Dahmer
      e) John Wayne Gacy

Answers will be published in another few days.


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