T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

January 25, 2000 Edition - SKATING INTO THE NEW MILLENNIUM
(C) 2000 Portland Ice Skating Society

Yes, we know that there are those who say that the new millennium 
hasn't really started yet, because the Romans didn't have a 
numeral for zero, but who's going to let a bunch of dumb-asses in 
togas who don't know how to count tell them when to have a party?

Much as the Tonyaphobes may have hoped, we haven't been wiped out 
by the Y2K bug. We're pleased to report that we're still around 
and will continue to present the pro-Tonya case for a long time 


After months of speculation, SFX skating - one of the skating 
world's leading entertainment corporations - has announced it has 
signed Tonya as a client. Other clients also announced include 
Alexei Urmanov, Olympic Champion and current World Professional 
Champion; Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko, European Champions and 
World silver medalists; Tammy Sear, British National Champion; 
Elena Leonova & Andre Khvalko, current World Professional 
Champions; Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon and Luc Bradet, Canadian 
Pair Champions; Sara Abitbol and Stephane Bernardis, European 
bronze medalists and current French National Champions.

Lee Marshall, President of SFX Family Entertainment and Michael 
Rosenberg, the head of SFX Skating Representation Division, noted 
"these are spectacular additions to our client roster. Each has 
earned national and international acclaim, and we are very proud 
and excited to work with them throughout their skating careers." 

Check out SFX's Tonya web page at:


Earlier this month Tonya briefly made the news when she went 
skating in a rather undesirable sense after her truck ran off the 
road due to hitting an icy patch. Fortunately, neither Tonya nor 
her male passenger were injured, though a photograph of them did 
land up in some local rag by the name of "The Columbian" the next 
day and was reprinted in USA Today thanks to the AP wire service.

It goes without saying that the anti-Tonya brigade instantly 
assumed this was some publicity stunt devised by Tonya to get 
attention, especially given that it occurred on January 6, the 
6th anniversary of you-know-what. If you're after a conspiracy 
theory, however, try this one for size: isn't it a bit strange 
that a photographer just "happened" to turn up on the scene 
immediately after the accident? Could it have been that the 
paparazzi were following Tonya hoping for some newsworthy story 
about her to mark the anniversary, and that Tonya was trying make 
her escape? Shades of Princess Di! Unfortunately we can't read 
the photographer's name, but whatever it is we think that Romuald 
Rat might be a more appropriate moniker given his actions.

If you want to protest The Columbian's sleazy papparazzo tactics, 
then we suggest you go to:

and leave a message saying so on their "hot topics" board.


The past two months have seen quite a number of other appearances 
by Tonya in the media, fortunately more favorable:

- On November 12, Tonya celebrated her birthday with a live 
appearance on a local TV show, "Good Day Oregon", at the Lloyd 
Center rink where she teaches skating. Tonya gave the host a 
skating lesson and received a birthday cake from some of her 

- on November 17, Tonya flew to the Big Apple to be a guest on 
"The Maury Povich Show", which aired on 2 December. About 20 to 
25 minutes of material was recorded, though unfortunately only 
around 6 minutes was actually used, mainly a sequence in which 
Tonya apologized for walking out in the middle of an interview 
with Povich's wife Connie Chung several years back. There are a 
couple of decent photos, however, which we've put on our site at: and 

David House also a has a clip from the show on his site at:

- the 24th of November saw Tonya featured on "Philly After 
Midnight", a show that airs in that city. Unfortunately, it only 
screens in Eastern Pennsylvania, parts of New Jersey and 
Delaware, so we don't know how it came out.

- Tonya was one of a number of top athletes interviewed for a CBS 
sports special that screened on December 30.

Tonya articles have also appeared recently in "People" magazine,
the December 25-31 issue of "TV Guide", the current issue of 
"Jane" magazine (where Tonya was named as one of ten women who 
are seen as truly tough and uncompromising), International Figure 
Skating and the January issue of Ladies Home Journal. It's 
possible there may be others as Tonya has given a large number of 
interviews to various media in recent weeks, too numerous to 

A poster on also reports that Fox is 
screening something on February 2 called "On Thin Ice: The Dark 
Side of Skating". It's described as "interviews and special 
footage reveal the outrageous stories behind the athletic 
endeavors of award-winning figure skaters". It airs at 8pm and 
runs for 1 hour. Although there is no specific mention of Tonya 
it seems inconceivable that this won't be used as another excuse 
to rehash the whole Tonya/Nancy thing again, plus probably other 
stuff that anyone who's read any of Christine Brennan's books 
will be thoroughly familiar with. So be warned - given that Fox 
is the network that gave us "Breaking The Ice" and "Lie Detector" 
there's little reason for optimism that Tonya will get a fair 
treatment this time around.

Nor are these likely to be the last Tonya items we'll be seeing 
in the near future. The "TV Guide" article mentions that Tonya 
has been signed up to do a regular syndicated radio show starting 
in February, and Linda Lewis informs us that Tonya is working on 
her autobiography with an unnamed Canadian writer.


With the U.S. Presidential race now officially under way, it's a 
safe bet that we'll be hearing plenty about polls and voting over 
the next few months. Well, Tonya's been topping a few polls too!

Tonya was recently chosen by Lifetime Online readers as one of 
the 20th Century's most memorable women, along with Hillary 
Clinton, Mother Teresa, Catherine Deneuve, Marie Curie and Olivia 
Newton-John. Tonya topped the "15 minutes of fame" category, 
though Tonya's certainly managed to spin her fame out for alot 
longer than 15 minutes! Interestingly, Tonya was one of two 
skaters in the list, Ekaterina Gordeeva being the other.

If you didn't vote in the Lifetime poll, don't worry, here's a 
place where you can vote for Tonya as many times as you like! 
Shallah's Pasell of Polls, located at:

is a site almost entirely dedicated to figure skating polls. You 
can vote on such topics as most awesome spinner, greatest 
footwork, greatest choreographer or even for music you would like 
to see skated to (we voted for "My Way" by Sid Vicious - a sorely 
neglected track). In some categories you can vote up to five 
times a day. So get out and VOTE for Tonya!


Over the holidays Tonya offered two specially autographed limited 
edition Christmas photos to her fans. We're pleased to announce 
that this offer has now been extended to the end of January.

There are two designs, both of which show Tonya in a very tasty 
red evening dress against a snowy Christmas background, one on 
her own and one with her dog Koda. Both are 8x10 color, and sell 
for $50 each. If you'd like one (or even both), check out the 
merchandise page at the Blades of Gold site for details on how to 
order these and other Tonya photos:


We've been doing a minor upgrade to our "other Tonya web sites" 
page. It now includes the option of reading the Tonya newsgroups 
via Deja and as well as your local news server (not 
that there seems to be much there anyway these days). There's now 
a link to Skatesearch, a search engine designed specifically for 
searching about ice skating related information. Although it's 
still under development at this stage it manages to find on-line 
news articles quite well, and is quite useful if you want to 
search for info about Tonya without wading through hundreds of 
porn sites (which tends to be what you get when you try that with 
regular search engines). Finally, we've also added links to a 
couple of sites about two other American sports legends who their 
supporters say have also been given a bum deal - Pete Rose and 
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Check it out at:


If you've never managed to see "Breakaway", the low budget 
gangster movie Tonya had a bit part in some years ago, now's your 
chance. is now offering VHS NTSC tapes of it for 
$16:99 - that's a lot better than the prices we've seen anywhere 
else, which typically are in the vicinity of $70 to $80. We 
suspect that this is a closeout price, so you'd better be in 
quick as this may not last long.


Several months ago we reported on a speech made by Joe Haran, 
former editor of that legendary Tonya 'zine "The Skater", to the 
Portland branch of the American Humanist Association. That report 
caused a considerable stir, even more so than the stuff on 
Clinton in the same issue. Well, we've got good news: Joe Haran 
is now on the Net, and he's been providing us with details of his 
experience as an inside member of Team Tonya back in 1993/94. 
That's good news for Tonyaphiles - and bad news for the skating 
establishment and its bourgeois running-dog lackeys on rssif.

We'll be serializing these in upcoming issues of "The 
Portlandian" as "The Haran Chronicles". As you'd expect from Joe, 
there'll be plenty of controversy that'll be guaranteed to raise 
the blood pressure of the skating commissars in Colorado Springs, 
and lots of jaw-dropping shock-horror revelations, including new 
evidence that supports Tonya's claims of innocence. He's also 
sent us more issues of "The Skater" and a whole truckload of rare 
Tonya photos, most of which have never been published anywhere 
before. Keep an eye on our site for these soon.

For those of you unfamiliar with Joe, in addition to editing "The 
Skater" he also had a distinguished career in the print and 
broadcast media in the Portland area before ill-health 
regrettably forced his early retirement. Prior to this, he 
graduated from the University of Oregon School of Journalism in 
Eugene, Oregon, and served in Vietnam where he received several 
decorations for his military service. His journalism credits 
include positions as a staff reporter for "The Oregon Spectator" 
monthly newspaper in Oregon City; news director at KGAL-AM radio, 
Albany, OR; chief writer at "GrassRoots" monthly news-magazine, 
Salem, OR; news editor at "The Stayton Mail" weekly newspaper, 
Stayton, OR; announcer and reporter at KOIN-AM and KOIN-FM News 
Departments, Portland, OR; news presenter, producer and reporter 
for KEZI-TV News Department, Eugene, OR and producer and reporter 
for KOIN-TV News Department in Portland. 

In addition he has also done freelance work for "PDXS" (a 
fortnightly newspaper in Portland), "The Oregon Spectator" 
monthly newspaper, Oregon City; CBS New York; "The Lake Oswego 
Review" weekly newspaper, Lake Oswego, OR and the weekly 
newspaper "The Portland Observer". His voluntary journalism work 
includes editing "Welcome Home", a monthly newsletter for the 
Steven F. Worley Chapter 392 of Vietnam Veterans of America 
Incorporated; reporter for "The ZooDoer" monthly newsletter, 
Metro Washington Park Zoo; special correspondent for "The Oregon 
Daily Emerald" newspaper, at the University of Oregon and sports 
editor of "The Bridge" weekly newspaper, Portland Community 

And we'd suggest that all that sure beats the pants off editing 
some crappy brochures at an obscure University in upstate New 

If you want to read more of Joe's stuff, he's also writing a 
regular column for the Puppetland site, which can be found at He's also got his 
own home page that includes a picture of himself and Tonya at

Incidentally, Joe has described The Portlandian as "the best 
Tonya 'zine since The Skater" - which is surely the highest 
possible praise we could ever hope for.


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