NOTE: we are pleased to report that since this issue went to press we have 
located another copy of Tonya's Rolonda interview from 1994. Still has the 
big ugly timecode clock, but at least this one is in sync and doesn't seize 
up halfway through:

This is probably the most complete version in existence, as the broadcast 
version would have been edited to make space for commercials.

  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

September 14, 2019 Edition
(C) 2019 Portland Ice Skating Society

Welcome to another edition of "The Portlandian". In this latest 
thrilling issue, we look at Tonya's new advertising campaign, 
something old (some interviews), something new (some podcasts), 
investigate Tonya's singing career that could have happened, and 
some more Tonya artwork & impersonators. We also check out what 
was bugging Tonya recently, and explore what Tonya's life story 
would look like if it had been filmed by a different director... 
one with a penchant for revisionist history.


You may remember in our last issue we mentioned that Tonya had 
been spotted in a clip that showed her in a red suit and ice 
skates walking around an office.

Now all has been revealed - it was actually for a new ad campaign 
for Direct Auto Insurance that features Tonya along with a couple 
of other celebrities who have also had problems in their past. 

So far two ads have emerged with Tonya:

   Get Direct and get going:

   Welcome back:

The campaign is the work of Pereria O’Dell, which won Direct 
Auto's business in March. Steve Miller at Radical.Media directed 
the spots, which are running on TV and social media. Each 
celebrity has their own 30, 15, and six-second TV and digital 
video, along with an additional compilation spot.

"We know that life doesn't always go according to plan, and if 
there's one thing that we all deserve, it's a second chance. Our 
new campaign is at the heart of that belief," said Kevin 
Fairchild, Direct Auto's VP of customer experience and brand 

"In choosing celebrities, we wanted to hone in on people who 
share the same everyday issues our audience faces. Sure, they’ve 
risen to great heights in their careers and lives, but, at the 
end of the day, they’re just like everyone else," said Nick 
Sonderup, executive creative director at Pereira O’Dell. "Direct 
Auto Insurance believes in giving them, and you, a second chance. 
We wanted to develop creative that celebrates that idea in a fun 
yet poignant way."

In addition to Tonya, the campaign also features Johnny Manziel, 
who was booted out of the Canadian Football League, and rapper 
Fat Joe who has spent time in jail for tax evasion.

As for our opinion, they're great ads, though you can't get round 
the fact that Tonya in a suit in an office does look out of place 
- she's definitely an outdoors girl. It probably would have been 
better to have her under the hood of her truck.

More info about the campaign can be found below:


The past few months have seen continuation of the pro-Tonya 
articles and podcasts that ramped up in number with the release 
of "I, Tonya" almost two years ago.

First up, Portland's biggest Tonyaphile - and arguably the 
world's leading Tonyaologist - talking on one of her favorite 
subjects. The long-awaited podcast on Tonya by Sarah Marshall, 
whose article "Remote Control" helped to kickstart the re-
evaluation of Tonya, is now up... and best of all there's two 
parts, for a double shot of our ice queen.

We've very much been waiting for this one for a lonnngggg time - 
and it does not disappoint. It's even been named by Vulture as 
one of its best new true crime podcasts:

So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage 
(with ice, of course), turn the lights down low, pull up your 
most comfortable easy chair, and sit back and relax and listen to 
almost two and a half hours of glorious pro-Tonya goodness:

Most sports radio broadcasters have treated Tonya with contempt 
over the years, making her the butt of jokes, because, you know, 
figure skating can't be a real "sport" because the competitors 
wear sequins, the guys are all "fags", etc. They usually tend to 
be fat, balding, middle-aged men who think that sport begins and 
ends with football, baseball, basketball and hockey and have 
probably never got closer to any of these than a 100-inch Sony.

One exception is sports commentator Marky Billson, who reveals in 
this podcast and accompanying article why it's time for the life 
ban to end and why Tonya "should be viewed with understanding and 

   Marky Billson reveals his Tonya Harding fandom after watching 
   I, TONYA. Here’s why it’s time for her to be reinstated by the 
   US Figure Skating Committee and should be viewed with 
   understanding and reverence. 
(starts 3:40)

Finally, we have Cody Corrall (would that be a great name for a 
character in a pulp Western novel?) in a very lengthy article on 
"Why We Still Root for Tonya Harding":


That's the new Tonya stuff... now here's some blasts from the 
past. As more material makes its way onto the Internet over time, 
a number of older Tonya interviews from many years ago have 

First up is one that Tonya did back in late 2004 for an English 
outfit called Trans World Sport (which in spite of its name has 
nothing to do with RuPaul): (22:27)

Mainly about the media circus, and her boxing and skating, but 
Tonya does reveal she was interested in race car driving. So 
maybe Danica should have been worried after all.

On May 3rd, 1994, Tonya appeared on the Rolonda Watts show in 
her first full-length post-Whack interview. Unfortunately both 
these uploads have problems - in the first one, the video 
freezes about 23 minutes in, and in the second the sound is 
annoyingly out of sync. But Tonya clearly gets on well with 
Rolonda, and the comments on both videos are largely positive:

Rolonda also revisits the episode on this podcast (audio only) 
and has good things to say about Tonya - "I really liked Tonya 
and she deserved so much more. I hope the movie and this 
interview helps clear her name a bit more ..."

Finally, Elaine Stamm, Tonya's Fan Club President, reveals how 
Tonya's skate lace got broken in this interview with Michael 
Enright on the CBC's "As It Happens" show back in late February 
1994. Ignore the inaccurate sensationalist title - there's no 
"firestorm", Elaine is smart and classy enough not to take the 
bait. Which is more than can be said for the interviewer for 
trying to provoke one:


Recently we came across this beautiful high-resolution Tonya 
skating photo that we had not seen before. Tonya wore this outfit 
for her Short Program for the 1990/91 season - this is most 
likely from the 1991 Worlds:


Tonya has had many careers over the years - skater, boxer, 
landscape gardener, TV commentator, land speed record holder, 
dancer and most-improved bad cook to name a few. But did you know 
that it could have also included being a rock star?

On September 3, 1995 Tonya made her singing debut with her band 
The Golden Blades in Portland. The media recalled that she was 
booed and pelted with plastic bottles, though whether this was 
because of her singing or just general dislike of Tonya isn't 

Of course, most of the media conveniently "forgot" to mention it 
was part of a charity event to raise money for the Muscular 
Dystrophy Association. And contrary to popular belief, the gig 
was just a one-off performance for charity and was not intended 
to start a singing career. It also wasn't the first time that 
Tonya had used her vocal skills in the name of raising money for 
deserving causes: back in April of that year she released a 
charity CD in aid of victims of the Oklahoma City bomb blast.

But several months earlier, she could have gone in an entirely 
different musical direction, as this article explains:

Punk band The White Trash Debutantes invited Tonya to join them - 
and initially she was interested. However her fan club president 
at the time Elaine Stamm felt that they were just using Tonya for 

Band member Ginger Coyote recalls:

   "She started a demonstration against us calling us Devil 
    Worshippers when we played The Satyricon in Portland.. Ben 
    Munat who booked the club and the owner George had a 'Welcome 
    Home Tonya Harding' on the Marquee and Elaine and a few 
    members were telling the news crew how Punk Rock Pat who (was 
    78 years old) was using Tonya to get fame".

Ginger explains that when they went to play over the border in 
Canada, even the border officials asked where Tonya was.

Tonya finally got to see the band when they played Lewis & Clark 
College. Ginger says that Tonya decided not to join the band 

   "she felt we were way to wild.... Oddly enough the reason for 
    the invite was one of her alternative offers of being a sumo 
    wrestler in Japan.... WE FELT SHE DESERVED BETTER.... At the 
    show there were gigantic Sumo Wrestlers showing off their 
    skills and Tonya was standing near them watching us thinking 
    we were too wild... Well she got 'I Tonya' and the fabulous 
    Margot Robbie to play her... So remember we started it all 
    DEBUTANTES Love Tonya"


One regular feature that we try to fit into "The Portlandian" is 
to display some of the numerous Tonya-themed artworks that have 
appeared online in the wake of Tonya's resurgence in the public 

First up, Miguel Amshelo has redone the courtroom scene from the 
movie as a Disney style cartoon:


Another "bloody Tonya" drawing, this time from James Tom Gray. He 
says "Crazy Tonya Harding. First art on my new laptop":


anddoots - "Some Tonya Harding sketches in an attempt to warm up 
for a bigger project":


Mermer - like many, has drawn inspiration from Tonya's Triple 
axel: "So fight on as you are. My American princess, may God 
bless you with incense. You’re my shining American star...":


eli_.arts (confused roll of bread) - another triple axel sketch
(unfortunately Tonya's left eye looks a bit out of alignment):


  A few weeks ago I watched "I, Tonya" for the second time now 
  and wow. That movie will always blow me away. I kinda felt 
  obligated to draw something from it, so there ya go! Hope you 
  like it!

ohyesverynice (Ryan Alexander-Tanner) - line drawing of Tonya's 
face after the Triple axel:


Rin Stannard, justanother_artaccount - this one was liked by 
Tonya herself!



  I'm so drawn to how amazing Tonya's skating was I keep painting 
  her. This is my second attempt at medibang because Paint Tool 
  SAI is temporarily unavailable for me. My first attempt will be 
  posted on christmas eve because it's also a gift for someone.

_reinus (Japan) - another "I Tonya" tribute:


Brandon W Vernon shows Margot as middle-aged Tonya: "I was 
loved..for a minute...then I was hated. And then I was just a 


and also LaVona & Bird: "Well my storyline is disappearing right 
now. What. The. F*ck." - Allison Janney as LaVona Harding in I, 


julianfreybergphotography in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has done 
this exacting recreation of Tonya's '91 Nationals costume. 
"Attached nearly 100 #swarovski crystals today and i'm still not 


nayahh_art (Nayoung Emma Jeong) - Tonya in the pink dress that 
the judges so despised:


nannabbech.illustrations - Odense, Denmark:


Sofia (sp_g.) - Tonya with runny makeup:


adam villacin, Portland. Crying Tonya sketch:


  The original works (archival ink on 11" x 14" 96 lb bristol) 
  are available for only $100 to the first person to DM me. 
  Buying one gets you a thank you in the book, as well.

Victoria (dieimmernurmalt):


zarahvaughan (rebekah.rarely):


As we all know, figure skating is huge in Russia, so it's not 
surprising that there's a few from that country:

LiSKoRGa, Yekaterinburg Russia - "I, Tonya" pencil sketch:


Damien_Vagner (Ulyanovsk, Russia) - charcoal sketch of Tonya:


Masha (mar7a6) - Russia:


chromova-Anna - Russia:


Lookalikes from last year are still surfacing:

phoebzzzz - Tonya triple axel costume:


Sarah (theswirlandache) - "That time me and Lisa dominated Binh’s 
90s themed holiday party":


Another LaVona lookalike - marcelo_c_baez:


roisindubhcosplay & carolacapsbestgirl put together these Tonya & 
Jeff/Winter Soldier lookalikes:


  Spent the first evening of the year watching @itonyamovie again 
  (thanks Amazon Prime) and remembered the funniest photoshoot of 
  the year. @carolacapsbestgirl as Tonya Harding/Harley Quinn and 
  me as Jeff Gillooly/Winter Soldier taking over the ice rink in 
  Bad Harzburg. It was absolutely hilarious and I hope we get to 
  do more silly stuff Iike this in 2019!

  Nothing new to post so here’s a picture of last years Harley-
  Tonya and Winter-Jeff crossover cosplay photoshooting!

Parktowne Haircolorxperts (hcx_parktowne) in Charlotte, NC. show 
how to recreate Tonya's iconic hairstyle:


  When you are going to a 90s theme party as Tonya Harding, you 
  come to #hcxparktowne for the style and the gold! Color by Eve, 
  Style by Amanda.

cleareyes_fullheart_knifeshoes (Jessi W) won a prize at work for 
her Tonya outfit:


  that time i won a prize at work for my handmade #itonya 
  #tonyaharding halloween costume. (no, i didn't get to skate in 
  it! but it was pretty fragile, so probs for the best.)

Finally, some people have done some Tonya-themed stuff with 
Playmobil Dolls:

rafamm1977 - (Rafael Martin Martin) "I, Tonya" poster with doll. 
Make sure to click in the arrow at the right of the picture to 
see Tonya at Lillehammer:


  "Por lo general, las personas amaban a Tonya, o la detestaban. 
  Así como las personas aman a EE.UU, o lo detestan. Tonya, era 
  totalmente estadounidense. Maravillosa". (Generally, people 
  loved Tonya, or hated her. Just as people love the US, or hate 
  it. Tonya, was totally American. Wonderful).

And last but not least:

playmobiljim - "Leaked video footage from the upcoming sequel 
Tonya Harding Story 2: Nancy’s Revenge (this time it’s 



Recently Tonya had a close encounter with an unwelcome guest that 
tried to get into her swimming pool.

But this was not a stalker, rather a butt-ugly bug. In an attempt 
to identify it, Tonya turned to her army of Instagram followers:

One commentator described as the bug equivalent of a triple axel. 
But although it looks like something from a horror movie, Tonya's 
many fans were able to quickly identify it as a Giant Water Bug, 
or Lethocerus Americanus:

According to Wikipedia, 

  "they typically grow to around 5 to 6 cm (2.0 - 2.4 in). 
   Commonly known as 'toe biter", L. americanus may deliver a 
   painful bite if handled or disturbed. However, it prefers to 
   avoid humans rather than engage them whenever possible."

Being a person who has respect for creatures great and small, 
Tonya let it go.


Several "I, Tonya" alumni have been in the news in recent weeks: 
Mckenna Grace is scheduled to appear in the new Ghostbusters 
film, while Paul Walter Hauser, best remembered by us for his 
sidesplitting turn as Shawn Eckardt, has landed the starring role 
in a new Clint Eastwood film, that oddly enough also centers 
around somebody wrongly implicated in a crime connected to an 
Olympic Games. In this case, he's playing Richard Jewell, the 
security guard who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 
1996 Atlanta Olympics. He'll also be teaming up with "I, Tonya" 
helmer Craig Gillespie again for the new Disney Cruella de Vil 

July also saw the release of Quentin Tarantino's latest film, 
"Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood". The film, which takes place 
against the background of the Manson murders of 1969, is of 
interest to us as it features everybody's favorite Tonya 
impersonator Margot Robbie in a prominent role as one of Manson's 
victims, Sharon Tate.

Which raises a question - much as we love "I, Tonya", it would 
have been interesting to see Tarantino's take on Tonya (and try 
saying that when you're drunk). So here we go...

If Tonya's life story had been filmed by Quentin Tarantino:

- It still stars Margot as Tonya;
- there's even more f-bombs than in "I, Tonya";
- there's even more shots of women's feet than you'd expect in a 
  film about figure skating;
- Tonya smokes Red Apple cigarettes and now inexplicably wears an 
- her skates have "bad" etched on the blades;
- her pickup truck is now the "Pussy Wagon";
- wearing a blood-stained wedding dress, she decapitates and 
  disembowels Jeff with a samurai sword;
- at the end, Tonya incinerates a bunch of snobby skating judges 
  with a flamethrower to the music of "I Think I Love You" by The 
  Partridge Family.

and most important of all...

- history is changed so that Tonya now WINS the gold medal at 

And by the way, what else does Tonya have in common with Charles 
Manson (apart from a cult following, of course)? Answer: they 
both share the same birthday of November 12th.


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