T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

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June 23, 2000 Edition
(C) 2000 Portland Ice Skating Society


After several delays, Tonya's court hearing relating to the 
incident last February with Darren Silver was finally held on May 
18th. Tonya's lawyer had negotiated a plea bargain with the D.A. 
that would have seen Tonya doing some community service teaching 
underprivileged kids to skate in return for pleading guilty to a 
lesser charge of disorderly conduct and 3rd degree malicious 
mischief instead of the much more serious domestic violence 
charges originally laid against her. It seemed like an 
arrangement that everyone - Tonya, the D.A., and even the victim 
(Darren having written a note to the Judge asking for leniency) - 
was happy with. Unfortunately, this win-win solution was not good 
enough for Judge Darvin Zimmerman, who instead appears to have 
decided he wanted to make some kind of example out of Tonya 
rather than finding a useful way of her serving the community. 
Overruling the proposed deal, Judge Zimmerman ordered Tonya to 
spend three days in the clink, pay an $822 fine, and substituted 
80 hours of community service picking up garbage on the road crew 
for the proposed skating lessons, saying "I don't think you're 
quite the role model who should be teaching kids". To make 
matters worse, Tonya was dragged off in front of a shocked 
audience of supporters and media to begin her jail sentence 
immediately, without even any time to get her affairs in order 

In addition to the above, Judge Zimmerman also ordered Tonya not 
to drink alcohol for two years, despite a report from an expert 
saying that Tonya was NOT an alcoholic, commenting something to 
the effect that "another expert may have come to a different 
conclusion" - which makes you wonder just what use there is in 
having expert witnesses if their opinions can be so casually 
dismissed by a judge who presumably has no expertise in the area 
of alcoholism. Reinforcing his apparent contempt for those who 
know better than him on medical matters, he also ignored a 
statement from Tonya's doctor explaining that her behavior had 
been caused by mixing a moderate amount of alcohol with some 
prescription drugs that Tonya had taken several hours earlier 
(and which she had assumed had by then cleared her system), 
rather than excessive drinking as widely reported by the popular 
press. Zimmerman then sarcastically dismissed Tonya's apology for 
any stress she had caused, making a snide comment about a similar 
apology Tonya had offered after the 1994 Kerrigan incident.

We think that Zimmerman's whole handling of this affair is far 
from satisfactory. "3rd degree malicious mischief", apparently, 
is mainly stuff like spraying graffiti on walls and suchlike, so 
essentially Tonya was pleading guilty to throwing a tantrum and 
damaging private property rather than assault. Given that the 
charge was reduced to something pretty minor, and that the 
victim, the DA and Tonya had all worked out a deal - why mess 
with it? Even the media gasped when they heard the sentence. In 
addition, he compounded things by hauling Tonya off to jail 
immediately with no warning, something that would have been a 
total shock for Tonya and added to an already stressful 
situation. His dismissal of expert testimony from her doctor and 
a social worker who did an alcohol evaluation was also 

He also overturned the idea of Tonya teaching skating as her 
community service. Community service has two purposes; firstly to 
rehabilitate the offender and secondly to serve the community 
(which is presumably why it's called "community service"). Surely 
teaching skating is a much better way for Tonya to serve the 
community than picking up trash, something that anyone can do. It 
seemed as if he was more interested in humiliating Tonya than in 
giving her a useful way to contribute. However, it appears that 
her first job - of cleaning up a cemetery - may not be as bad as 

Finally, he made several references to the Kerrigan incident, 
which were totally irrelevant and inappropriate. One almost gets 
the impression that his attitude was "I think you got off too 
lightly over the Kerrigan thing, so I'm going to make up for it 
by sending you to jail for this".


Earlier this month, Tonya made her second appearance on CNN's 
"Larry King Live". A transcript can be found live on line at:


On that show, Tonya showed how the Globe tabloid had deliberately 
doctored a photo of Darren's "injuries" to make them look worse 
than they really were. Tonya showed two photos taken by the 
police at the time of the incident. The first police photo taken 
by the officer at the scene of the incident shows Darren with a 
cut lip, and another police photo taken the day after shows even 
that had largely healed. The "Globe" photo, which must have been 
taken later, shows Darren with not only a much worse cut but a 
seriously bruised face as well. As a result of this sewer-level 
excuse for "journalism", Tonya has now lost a contract with the 

Shortly afterward, Tonya featured on two Internet radio shows at One was Skybox, on Thursday June 8th, and then on 
another called Press Box the following night. Whether this will 
lead to a future radio career for Tonya we don't know, but we'd 
LOVE to hear Tonya interviewed by another one of Eyada's hosts on 
his show "Rotten Radio", which can be found below:

Better Johnny & Tonya than Sid & Nancy!


Puppetboy has a review of an earlier Tonya telecast by Court TV 
in April available on his site at:

This special, which ran for around an hour, was a largely 
sympathetic look at Tonya and her turbulent life, despite the 
inevitable appearance of Christine Brennan and "Stone Cold" Jeff 
Gillooly at various points. It also largely skated over the 
hubcap incident, devoting only around 10 seconds to it near the 
end of the show, though this may have been because the show 
appears to have been prepared quite some time ago with thus 
little room for dealing with anything new without a wholesale re-

By the way, it's odd, isn't it, that Gillooly, who changed his 
name to "Stone" a few years ago because he claimed he "didn't 
want to be remembered as the guy who tried to fix the Olympics", 
keeps turning up on TV in these things all the time. Rather 
strange behavior, we think, for a guy who is supposedly trying to 
make a fresh start under a new name. Or perhaps he's decided 
that with so many IOC members fixing the Olympics instead, his 
antics don't seem so bad in comparison now.

Perhaps the highlight of the special was Tonya's father Al 
recounting her first encounter with ice when she was small - she 
tried to eat it!


Not what you think, fortunately.

It appears Tonya isn't the only one having domestic problems. 
Associated Press is reporting that Jeff Stone, better known to us 
as Jeff Gillooly, was arrested two weeks ago and charged with 
assault after an argument with his wife Nancy got out of hand. 
Nancy, who was also arrested, had scratches on her back and 
chest. Each is accusing the other of starting the fight. 

I think we can all see that this incident provides ample evidence 
to support Tonya's claims that Gillooly is a piece of violent 
wife-bashing garbage and that six years on he hasn't really 
changed. We hope that the justice system will see fit to dish out 
a similarly stern punishment to the G-man as was given to Tonya 
after the incident with Darren (though I won't be holding my


If there is any doubt that the Tonya/Nancy incident has become 
part of American folklore, it was removed by something we came 
across on one site while doing some research on a matter totally 
unrelated to Tonya recently:

There's nothing unusual about the subject of the site - in this 
case the growing concern amongst computer geeks with the 
disproportionate amount of influence wielded by the Evil Empire 
in Redmond over the computing world these days (in much the same 
way as we're concerned about the Evil Empire in Colorado Springs 
that wields a disproportionate amount of influence in figure 
skating - but that's another story). What caught our eye was the 
reference to Tonya in one of the articles:

In it, the author compares the often underhanded actions of 
Microsoft towards its competitors with the now infamous attempt 
by Tonya's ex-husband to get rid of Kerrigan. At least he seems 
to be prepared to give the Tonya the benefit of the doubt, 
however, which is more than most of the media.

When even computer nerds start talking about Tonya, that must say 
something about her impact on raising the profile of skating.


Linda Lewis has informed us that Tonya's skating dress that we 
mentioned was on sale in our last issue sold at the end of April. 
However, Linda advises us that the silk-screen collage painting 
we mentioned in the same issue is still for sale. Despite being 
valued at $5000, Tonya is willing to sacrifice it for $2500 and
it comes with a letter of authenticity. Linda has now kindly sent 
us a photo of it, which can be viewed at:

Linda is also offering a CD that features Tonya and Linda's niece 
Shannon singing a song called "When We Shared In Each Other's 
Lives", a song written by Linda and her husband Greg. The price 
is $15.00 autographed by Tonya, or $10 without the autograph.


Another Tonya fan page has been brought to our attention. Sword's 
Tonya Harding page, run by Cheryl Koval, can be found at:

The page takes it's name from Cheryl's interest in Lucy Lawless 
of "Xena, Warrior Princess" fame. This impresses us, because 
quite apart from Lucy being a Kiwi girl, both Xena and Tonya are 
two tough chicks with no qualms about kicking some ass when need 


Paula Slater, who runs the figure skating section at is 
currently interviewing Tonya's former agent, Michael Rosenberg.

If you want to ask him anything about Tonya, or skating in 
general, now's your chance.


Tired of wading through all the offers of Penthouses and you-
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Current Tonya auctions:

Recently completed Tonya auctions:

Of course, if a certain Portland porn dealer, these links won't 
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