T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

(C) 2005 Portland Ice Skating Society

In today's issue we devote a large amount of space to an in-depth 
investigation of what REALLY happened in Florida last month. And 
yes - you guessed it - it's quite different from what the 
establishment media would have you believe. But first, we have an 
announcement about an important upcoming Tonya appearance that 
fans in the New Jersey area will want to check out.


What does Tonya have in common with "Happy Days" and "Dallas" 
actors, a martial artist, the guy who played the Incredible Hulk, 
a wrestler, an ex-Monkee, a retired porn star and a band that 
looks like a bunch of zombie Elvis impersonators?

The answer is that they're all scheduled to appear at the 
"Chiller Theatre" toy, model & film expo at the Sheraton 
Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey, from April 29 to May 1. The 
Chiller Theatre is a large fan convention with a horror and sci-
fi theme, and the current guest list is an eclectic mix of 
celebrities ranging from "Happy Days" and "Dallas" actors, 
martial artists (Cynthia Rothrock), a guy who painted album 
covers for KISS, wrestlers (Mick Foley), an ex-Monkee (Peter 
Tork), a 1980's porn star (Seka) and a band called the "Dead 
Elvi". So an outcast skater turned boxer shouldn't appear out of 
place with this lot.

More details, including ticketing information, can be found at:

Tonya will be there on the 30th and the 1st, and possibly the 
evening of the 29th.

She will also be doing an exhibition celebrity boxing match at 
the Jackson Mississippi Coliseum on May 14th. Details are still 
to be finalized.


The past few months have seen major developments in Tonya's 
boxing career.

Shortly after our last issue, the "Portland Tribune" reported 
that Tonya had ditched her trainer, Paul Brown, and was re-
evaluating her future in boxing:

Needless to say, Brown is trying to blame Tonya for the breakup, 
with comments implying she was lazy and just wasn't tough enough 
to hack it in the world of professional boxing. In fact, we have 
been aware for several months that Tonya has been concerned about 
Brown's management of her business affairs and that she has seen 
little of the thousands of dollars she has supposedly been paid 
for boxing.

In addition, Brown was wanting Tonya to fight in a boxing match 
coinciding with the US National Figure Skating Championships 
being held in Portland in January. Tonya was not interested in 
participating in a silly publicity stunt that she knew would 
upstage the many talented skaters competing at that event.

As for being unable to find suitable opponents, it seemed to be 
Brown who was constantly meddling with Tonya's opponents, with 
them being routinely changed or fights canceled at the last 
minute. Why, for instance, was Tonya not able to fight Hollie 
Dunaway, whose almost identical height and similar 3-3-0 record 
at the time would seem to imply a suitable matchup? Instead, 
thanks to Brown, Tonya was shoved into the ring with Melissa 
(A)yanas, a fighter with extensive amateur experience who quickly 
defeated her.

In regard to the article in the Tribune mentioned before, Linda 
Lewis (who has now again taken up the role of Tonya's manager) 
has sent us the following statement from Tonya:

   Dear Fans:

   I wanted to let you know that I "fired" Paul Brown, due to
   extenuating circumstances. You will be updated as things 
   progress. $10,000,000.00 for an event he planned? I don't 
   think so, HAHAHA!

   Show me the money!!! In whose dreams?? My name is Harding, NOT 
   Tyson! I'll keep in touch,

   Love to all,


In short, Tonya wants to make it clear that she fired Brown, not 
that he dumped her for laziness as he's trying to make out.

In a second article, Brown has tried to imply that Tonya owes him 
money. He also reveals that Tonya owes money to the taxman:

Tonya acknowledges unpaid tax obligations, "but I'm working on
that, trying to get everything taken care of," she says. "Not 
having money to live on and pay bills and do work, it's been very 
difficult. I'm trying to get myself back on my feet 

She also says she has hired a lawyer to deal with Brown. Brown, 
however, tries to make out that Tonya is being brainwashed:

   "I care for this girl, that's the bottom line," he says. "I 
   don't want to see her fail. The thing about Tonya is keeping 
   her in balance. Once the ship starts tilting, you are going to 
   have some problems.

   "She is being influenced by other people, but her biggest 
   enemy is herself. She has the talent and marketability to do 
   anything she wants in the world. All the world wants is to see 
   that she is serious, that she has turned her life around."

We have to ask how a competent manager would allow one of their 
clients to fall behind on their tax obligations. It's not the 
first time that Brown has been in trouble with the IRS either: he 
lost one of his funeral homes over unpaid taxes as well.

Brown seems to be a guy prone to making extravagant hype about 
what he can do for Tonya but never delivering. Was Tonya a 
"Million Dollar Baby" or rather a cash cow for him?


Tonya then teamed up with promoter Damon Feldman. Thanks to 
Feldman she participated in two fights in January, both in the 
Wilmington/Philadelphia area, one at Gators in New Castle, 
Delaware on the 15th and and the second at The Lagoon in 
Essington, PA on the 19th. In both cases, Tonya fought opponents 
picked from volunteer members of the public rather than pro 
boxers as was the case with her previous fights. 

The Gators opponent turned out to be 26 year old Mark Mason from 
Newark, New Jersey. Not much was known about him except that he 
is a failed figure skater who describes himself as a Nancy 
Kerrigan fan, and said he would dedicate this fight to her 
(something that I'm sure that Nancy will be eternally grateful to 
him for - NOT). He is 5-ft 2-in (155 cm), 125 pounds (57 kilos) 
and has also tried kickboxing:

This second article includes an interview with a rather defensive 

Tonya promptly won the fight with a TKO in the second round, 
giving Mason a thorough thumping in the process:

Frankly, it would have been disappointing had it been otherwise - 
the guy looked like one of those weedy types you see in the 
"before" pictures in ads for body-building equipment. He 
definitely should have stuck to skating.


The opponent for Tonya's January 19 fight at The Lagoon was 
Brittney Drake, a pro wrestler from Delaware County. She was 
selected by promoter Damon Feldman from over 200 applicants.

Drake wrestles in the Women's Extreme Wrestling Federation, 
whose Web site ( lists 
her height as 5'6", (168cm) and weight as 120 lbs (55kg). "I feel 
bad Tonya will have to go home a loser" said Drake, who works as 
a waitress when she's not wrestling.

Tonya also featured in a spot with Drake on Philadelphia's KYW
TV recently. A rough transcript, courtesy of "Leo", our Special 
Duties Operative in that city, can be found here:

Drake's abilities didn't match her big mouth, however. Tonya won 
the fight, knocking her out at the start of the second round with 
a punch to the jaw. In the words of one witness who saw a clip of 
it on KGW TV:

  "At the start of the second round right after the bell, Tonya
  slammed her fist right smack into Brittney Drake's jaw knocking 
  her out flat!!

  Her legs gave out and she just dropped to the mat on her ass 
  then was counted out..."

Way to go Tonya!!!!

A previously scheduled match for the Copacobana in New York on 
the 25th of February was canceled.


Tonya's next fight was to end once again in controversy.

The match was to take place at a venue called Beach Bums in Fort 
Lauderdale, Florida on March 10, against a local TV personality 
and drag queen known as "Daisy D", on a card that included, 
amongst other things, a wrestler who weighs 650 pounds and what 
was billed as a "raunchy Paris Hilton look-alike contest". 
However, by late February confusion seemed to be forming about 
exactly what the fight was to be, with Feldman making some 
statements to the effect that the match was to be held as a 
wrestling event because of trouble with the local boxing 

Then, at the last minute the fight was canceled, much to the 
anger of many assembled fans.

It later emerged that several days earlier the Florida Boxing 
Commission had refused to sanction the fight due to Daisy's lack 
of boxing experience. There were then plans for the fight to be 
staged as a wrestling match, which is largely unregulated in 
Florida. However this was also abandoned as Tonya did not want to 
take the chance of risking her boxing status by participating in 
what might be construed as an illegal boxing match. Tonya instead 
provided commentary for five wrestling matches from a balcony.

"The boxing commission won't allow me to compete in an 
unsanctioned event," Tonya was quoted as saying.

"I just found out about this last night, so I had no time to do
anything," she said. "But I was told that I am very welcome to 
fight, as long as I am on a legitimate card. I felt bad about not 
being able to do this for my fans. Everyone wanted to see me kick 
someone´s butt."

In the days afterwards promoter Damon Feldman took to dissing 
Tonya in the media, blaming her reluctance to fight for the event 
being a flop and for him losing a large amount of money on the 
deal. This is, of course, standard practice for any of Tonya's 
managers whose perfidy or incompetence blows up in their face - 
blame it all on Tonya. Ever notice that Tonya never has problems 
when she works with reputable promoters like Mike Burg or Michael 
Rosenberg? It's only these other wannabes that cause her trouble. 
If Tonya had listened to Feldman she probably would now be banned 
from two sports instead of just one.

"If I had stepped into the ring, I would have been arrested" said 
Tonya afterward. "I guess it got pretty out of hand. Some of the 
people were out of control."

Typical of the news coverage was an article that appeared in the 
New York Post on March 13. Captioned "Sideshow Tonya" it claimed 
that Tonya received $25,000 for the event even though she didn't 
even fight and that she spent the rest of the evening "drinking 
and dancing until the wee hours of the following morning" in the 
upstairs VIP area, neither of which were true. It also claims 
that Tonya wieghed 160 pounds when her actual weight is 130. 
Other papers had Feldman claiming that Tonya swore at him, 
supposedly saying "F--- you! I'm a boxer, not a sideshow! I 
should punch you in the mouth!'". In fact Tonya did not swear at 
him, (not that we'd blame her if she did) and only said "I'm not 
going to be a dancing chicken." And we're not told that Tonya has 
also suffered from illness for several months and has been unable 
to train properly.

As usual, the true facts are rather different from the by now 
expected anti-Tonya propaganda appearing in the media. For a 
start, a source close to the Tonya camp tells us that Tonya was 
never told that the Florida boxing authorities had not sanctioned 
the boxing match until right before the fight was about to start, 
at which point Feldman tried to pressure her into a wrestling 
match instead. On the contrary, we have it on good authority from 
this source that Feldman initially lied to Tonya and told her 
that the boxing match was sanctioned. This is despite the fact 
that as early as the 28th of February - almost two weeks before 
the event - Feldman was being quoted in the press about his plan 
to run the event as a wrestling match instead because of the 
boxing authorities refusal to approve the fight. In fact, the 
Florida authorities voiced concern about this match at least a 
week before the fight, and Feldman acknowledged that concern in 
the media, along with his alternative plan for a wrestling match.

So what did happen? Our source tells us the following:

- Tonya and her agent Linda Lewis arrivedd in Florida on the 
evening of the 7th. Feldman suggests that Tonya say she is going 
to wrestle Daisy, a request that Tonya naturally found odd. Tonya 
then asked Feldman if there was a problem, which he denied.

- the next day, Tonya, Daisy and Feldman  appeared at a press 
conference in which Feldman talks of a boxing match. He repeats 
this in an on-air interview on the 9th on a local radio station. 
Later that day, Linda learned from a friend back in Portland of 
reports about the boxing commission refusing to sanction the 
fight. When Feldman is confronted with this, he replies that "it 
was all taken care of" and that he had worked it out with the 

- Tonya then contacted the Commission herrself, and was told the 
fight was not approved, and that furthermore Feldman had been 
told this. Tonya was also told she would lose her boxing license 
if she so much as stepped into the ring in boxing gear.

- Linda called the manager of Beach Bums  and told her that the 
match was canceled. The manager had also contacted the Boxing 
Commission and was also aware of the problem. It was agreed that 
Tonya would stay and do a meet and greet and sign autographs in 
order not to let down her fans. During all this time Feldman 
continued to deny that there was any problem.

- when Tonya and Linda arrived at Beach BBums that evening, the 
Boxing Commission and a bunch of cops were there to meet them. 
They were very nice to Tonya and thanked her for contacting them. 
When Feldman arrives, he again tries to coax Tonya into 
wrestling, which Tonya again refuses.

- Tonya does some commentating on the wreestling from the DJ's 
booth. Daisy D tries unsuccessfully to provoke Tonya into coming 
down and wrestling.

- by now the crowd is upset at being rippped off and the autograph 
session is shifted to a balcony with Tonya being surrounded by 
security guys. And we're also told Feldman had a flaming argument 
with Beach Bums management and had to be led away by the police.

Secondly, Feldman claims that Tonya's reluctance to fight cost 
him $15000. In reality, Feldman's loss was caused by the fact 
that only a fraction of the 1000 people he needed to break even 
showed up. These people showed up in full expectation of seeing 
Tonya fight, and only learned she would not be doing so after 
they had paid, so the fact that Tonya later withdrew is 
irrelevant and would have had no bearing on the box office take. 
Feldman's loss was simply a normal commercial risk that faces 
anyone promoting an event of this type and has nothing to do
with Tonya. Indeed, had it not been for Tonya's presence it's 
likely the turnout would have been even lower and he would have 
lost even more money. So the fact he lost money was in spite of 
Tonya, not because of her. He should be grateful he didn't lose 

Tonya's contract with Feldman was for a BOXING match - a match 
that she could not participate in because of the Florida boxing 
commission's refusal to sanction the fight. Had she done so, she 
most likely would have been arrested, as the police were on hand, 
and may also have lost her boxing license. Tonya was under no 
contractual obligation to participate in a wrestling match 
instead and was quite entitled to tell Feldman to stick his 
proposal where the sun doesn't shine.

As for the claims that Tonya spent the rest of the evening 
dancing and drinking, Tonya spent the evening signing autographs 
on a balcony and then went straight back to her motel at 12:30 AM 
at the latest. She had nothing to drink other than a Sprite and 
didn't even know there was dancing.

Finally, Feldman is claiming that Tonya was paid $25,000 despite 
not fighting. This is NOT correct - Tonya has not been paid 
anything and seems to have got little from this debacle apart 
from a few bucks for signing autographs. And although the exact 
figure of Tonya's fee is confidential, we can say that it is 
nowhere near the $25,000 claimed.

Even doing a bit of basic arithmetic shows the 25 grand figure is 
absurd. For instance, Feldman claims he needed 1000 people to 
turn up in order to break even. At a ticket price of $20 a head, 
that would mean a box office gross of $20,000. Even if he kept 
all of that for himself (and we presume he would have to split 
some of it with Beach Bums) that wouldn't leave him with enough 
to even pay Tonya, let alone all the other participants, like 
Daisy D, the Paris Hilton impersonators and the guy who weighs 
650 pounds.

People tend to get upset when they don't get paid. Upsetting 
people who weigh 650 pounds doesn't sound like a smart move. And 
apparently newspaper "reporters" at the NY post can't do basic 
arithmetic, as they just blindly reprint everything they're 
told even though it doesn't add up.

It's now obvious that Feldman deliberately hid or downplayed the 
problems with the boxing authorities, hoping to pressure Tonya 
into his "plan B" involving the wrestling match at the last 
minute when it would be difficult for her to refuse. We think 
that he knew that Tonya would be reluctant to go for the 
wrestling idea and didn't want to risk her taking a hike earlier 
in the week as he realized even fewer people would turn up if 
they knew Tonya wasn't going to be there. Not only did he try to 
manipulate Tonya but he knowingly misled people into paying for 
something he knew he might not be able to deliver. Fortunately 
Tonya wasn't going to be pushed around and his scheme blew up in 
his face, leaving him to face alot of angry punters. Now, of 
course, he's trying to blame Tonya for his own bad judgement.

And yes, the fight would have been a farce. It would have 
actually made Fox Celebrity Boxing look classy by comparison - 
something that most people would have thought was impossible at 
the time that was broadcast. Indeed, Feldman seems to have gone 
out of his way to try and select the weirdest opponents possible. 
This may be good for the box office but not for Tonya's 
credibility as a serious athlete. The media have the knife out 
for her already - she doesn't need this circus freak stuff.

We believe that Damon Feldman is yet another in a long line of 
sleazy crooks who have tried to exploit Tonya over the years. His 
devious and dishonest behavior in an attempt to save himself from 
his own incompetence nearly put Tonya's boxing career in jeopardy 
and resulted in a large number of rightfully aggrieved spectators 
being ripped off. If he was really a professional promoter he 
would have done his homework and wouldn't be in this mess, 
something for which he has only himself to blame. At best, the 
only boxing events he ever came up with were freak show stuff 
that does little for Tonya's credibility as an athlete. We don't 
believe that people like him are of any benefit to Tonya and we 
won't be sorry if the disgruntled audience members sue his sorry 
butt off.

"How could he take advantage of me in this way?" Tonya asked.

As for the rest of her life, "It's just me and my kitty at home 
now," said Tonya. "I've grown up a lot. I didn't have a great 
upbringing. But I believe in myself now. I love what I am. And I 
ask questions. That's why I'm here and not in jail."


Without doubt one of the chief highlights of the U.S. Figure 
Skating Nationals held in Portland recently was the execution by 
Kimmie Meissner of a triple axel, making her the only American 
woman apart from Tonya to achieve the feat and one of only a 
handful worldwide. Kimmie landed two triple Axels during practice 
at the USFSA championships in Portland, ending speculation that 
she can do the jump, but producing speculation that she'd try it 
in competition. That she did, attempting it in her free skate 
that Saturday night.

The landing of Kimmie's free skate axel was, however, 
particularly ugly. Within hours of the event controversy was 
raging in at least one forum as to whether the axel was cleanly 
landed, with suggestions even being made that the USFSA had 
deliberately ratified a faulty jump in order to stick it up Tonya 
one last time. Of course, we all know that those nice, decent, 
fair-minded people at the USFSA would never do anything like 
that, don't we? On one Michelle Kwan forum, for instance, one 
poster expressed the following view:

   "After seeing Meissner's 3axel, I have come to one conclusion. 
   It was a great effort, and she stayed on her feet, but it 
   should not have been ratified. The jump was cheated on both 
   the takeoff and landing and besides the point she barely hung 
   onto it.
   It is my opinion that the USFSA despises Tonya Harding so much 
   that they would be willing to ratify a flawed and cheated jump 
   in order to move Tonya's name aside as 'the only American to 
   land a 3axel'.
   I think this is a stab in the back to Tonya. Sure, she's done 
   some bad shit over the years, but she landed a clean 3axel and 
   deserves to hold her record until someone else steps up to the 
   plate and matches her. And IMO, Meissner didn't do that 
   But now the USFSA will be happy, they won't ever have talk 
   about Tonya and the 3axel ever again.
   And I don't care if Meissner's was ratified, it still doesn't 
   come close to Tonya's effort. Peggy calling Kimmie's 3axel 
   'awesome' is laughable. Has she forgotten about Midori and 
   Tonya already or is she just delusional?
   We've been scammed, but hey, it's figure skating. :("

   "The sloppy landing is beside the point. She didn't get all 
   the way around. The jump was cheated. Midori's 89 3axel had a 
   saved landing also, but she got the full 3.5 revolutions. 
   Kimmie didn't, so no, she didn't "do" the 3axel.
   It's a stab in the back to Tonya, who IMO is still the only 
   american woman to *complete* a 3axel."

Others shared the feeling:

   "It was prerotated a little bit and a little short on the 

   "It *was not* clean! It was under-rotated by at least 1/4 and 
   maybe more? It should not be ratified, it's unfair to Tonya 
   and to other skaters who have not had their jumps ratified 
   either (remember Michael Weiss several years ago and the 
   quad!). I also thought that maybe the USFSA might ratify just 
   to lessen Tonya's acheivement... we shall see."

   "I think they were just so happy to have a lady close to a 3 
   axel they were willing to ratify it. It looked off in the 
   broadcast and when they did the slow mo it appeared to me to 
   be prerorated a bit and around 1/2 revolution landed on the 
   ice. It was a darned good attempt but it wasn't clean. I am 
   sure it is only a matter of time for her to land a clean one 
   but until then they should not have credited the jump until 

   "It was cheated, no height and air position, the landing was 
   not checked.
   We're hoping it could get better but that doesn't erase the 
   fact that it was underrotated tonite and was not a powerhouse 
   like Tonya's or Midori's. I mean after watching it, I wanted 
   to jump up and down like how Tonya did her axel but there was 
   no momentum on that jump. I mean when you say the word Triple 
   Axel by the ladies it's like a myth and when you do the myth 
   it has to be legendary. It was a great effort but no height."

   "Count me as one of the people who do NOT think the jump 
   should be ratified. She clearly finished the rotation while on 
   the ice. Just thinking about Tonya's triple axel . . . wow. 
   I'm still in awe of Tonya's jump, so much power, height, and 
   ice coverage. Kimmie gets good height, but makes up for 
   everything else with speed. ... Ratifying Kimmie's jump stinks 
   of hypocrisy, IMHO."

   "I also looked closely at my tape, and the axel was under-
   rotated, so no it wasn't clean. But I think they were just so 
   excited, that it was like 'whatever, it was done! Give it to 

   "count me as one who doesn't think it should have been 
   ratified. It WAS cheated, and the landing WAS NOT clean. Under 
   the COP it would have been a double."

Even on r.s.s.i.f. there was agreement:

   "Not yet. Meissner is a talented young woman who cheated that 
   axel. Tonya's had height and flow.
   Tonya is many things, but a great jumper she was."

Did the USFSA use Kimmie to shaft Tonya one last time? We've 
discovered this video of Meissner performing three triple Axels, 
two in practice and the one she did in competition. The last two 
are in slow motion. Judge for yourself whether these are as good 
as Tonya's and if the final one is properly landed - the 
competition one has a particularly hairy landing and she barely 
stays upright:

Kimmie Meissner is clearly a talented young skater who 
unquestionably does have the ability to land the triple axel 
cleanly as is proved by her landing them properly in practice. It 
is likely that she will eventually land one that is indisputably 
clean in competition. If the USFSA has used her by ratifying an 
invalid jump simply in an attempt to get at Tonya they have done 
Kimmie no favors and certainly have done themselves no credit.

As for Tonya's opinion, her comments were "I didn't [see it]". 
"I'm really glad to see that somebody finally had the guts to 
actually pull it off. I heard it wasn't as good as mine, so she 
still has some work to do."


Tonya's new official web site at is now up 
and running. This marks the first time Tonya has had an official 
site in around five and a half years. It is planned that the 
lastest news about Tonya and her engagements will appear here.

Meanwhile, Puppetboy has moved his site to a new domain at:

We don't know what "trinitrotoluene" is, but it sounds like 
something highly explosive, so it sounds like the perfect place 
for a Tonya site!


Linda Lewis also tells us that Tonya has several major interviews 
coming up, though details have not been released yet. Apparently 
Clint Eastwood's film "Million Dollar Baby" has created quite 
alot of interest in Tonya and women's boxing in general.

The February 2005 edition of "Portland Monthly" magazine 
( has a feature article on Tonya. 
The Special Duties Section is proud to announce that we were 
involved in supplying material for this article. It's a fairly 
large feature article, running for six pages, mainly focusing on 
Tonya's relationship, or lack thereof, to Jim Maxey's web site.

"Portland Monthly" appears to be a semi-gloss lifestyle 
publication aimed at the latte-sipping, SUV-driving Yuppie 
brigade, kind of like P-town's answer to a magazine we have here 
in New Zealand called "Metro". There are two main themes to the 
article, interspersed with each other: the first is an attempt at 
some sort of critical intellectual analysis of the stories posted 
in the "fantasies" section of the web site - a difficult task 
given that there's not much intellect behind them, whilst the 
second details the writer's attempts to track down the individual 
behind the site, told in a racy style intended to imitate a hard-
boiled "noir" type detective story. I'm pleased to report that 
the Special Duties Section gets a prominent mention, along with 
well-known Tonyaphiles Charlie Main and David House, with the 
trail winding from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Anchorage, 
Alaska as reporter Scott Vogel attempts to track down Maxey. 
Ultimately the article is a bit of a let-down, however, as 
despite having the advantage of being located in the same city as 
Maxey, Vogel fails to actually meet him or dig up much about him 
that is new to Tonyaphiles - it's mainly just a rehash of the 
stuff that was in the Portlandian years ago.

Still, it makes a good read and has at least served the function 
of "outing" Maxey amongst Portland residents in a way that the 
Portlandian couldn't and making it clear that the site is not 
associated with Tonya any more. Now all his old school chums will 
know that he's a pervert.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be available on line, but a 
piece of artwork by Amy Crehore used to illustrate the article 
can be found at:

As a followup from last edition's article on Shawn Eckardt, we 
have also come across this quite lengthy article about Shane "hit 
man" Stant from 1994 that nobody else seems to have ever 

The article details Stant's escapades with a couple of sleazy 
lawyers, who seemed to be more interested in trying to make money 
off his notoriety (they were the people behind the 900 number 
that flogged "memorial" baton shaped key rings at one stage) than 
in his legal defense. The general tone of the article is that 
Stant was basically a nice but not terribly bright young man who 
ended getting mixed up in something nasty, rather than someone 
who was themself nasty like Gillooly. It almost makes you want to 
feel sorry for the guy - almost.

The Boston Globe has also published this very comprehensive 
article on Tonya that is well worth reading. It covers the Drake 
fight, her lawsuit against Paul Brown, her thoughts on the 
Edmonton match, and the canceled fight at the Copacabana in New 
York on February 25th:

There was a small article about Tonya in a recent issue of 
"People" magazine (Feb 14th, p.24, bottom right - has Teri 
Hatcher on the cover), along with a picture. Unfortunately it 
does not appear to be available on line, though it sounds like 
the picture is similar to the one used in a Boston Globe article 
from the descriptions by those who have seen it. They also get 
Tonya's boxing record wrong: it's 4-0-0 for the celeb boxing and 
3-3-0 for the real pro boxing.

The recent U.S. Figure Skating Nationals in Portland have also 
resulted in a resurgence of Tonya news in that city's media:

These two articles are from the Oregonian, and the first one of 
these (about the triple axel) is actually positive - and by Abby 
Haight, no less!

An article in The Columbian, no longer on line, also recalls 
Tonya's impact on figure skating. In a rare moment in Tonya-
related journalism it actually acknowledges her positive 
contribution to the sport, describing her as "the finest athlete 
on skates" and credits her with "playing a crucial role in the 
sport's evolution from its artistic roots to its athletic 

Thre must be something hallucinagenic contaminating the water 
supply around Portland these days.


We have been informed that "The Prize Fighter", a boxing-oriented 
independent film that Tonya shot some scenes for a couple of 
years ago is finally getting a release. It has been in 
Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores since the 25th of January 
in both VHS and DVD formats.

The plot is essentially about a retired fighter, Ed Jones, whose 
life falls apart after his wife dies of cancer, and his attempt 
to redeem himself through one last comeback. Gary Busey plays a 
sleazy promoter who will stop at nothing to see him fail. Tonya 
has a brief part as the owner of a bar where the fights take 

More details, including a trailer that you can download and view, 
is available at the film's official site at


David Hans Schmidt is a name well-known to Tonyaphiles - he was 
Tonya's agent for several months in the mid-90's and was 
instrumental in the release of the what has come to be known as 
the Wedding Night Video. He's a guy who makes his living as a 
pimp for people with embarrassing photos of celebrities to 
peddle. Recently, however, it was Schmidt who found himself on 
the wrong end of the tabloid publicity machine.

A group of hackers, believed to be the same people who hacked the 
cellphone of Paris Hilton, the world's richest bimbo, struck 
again a few weeks ago. This time the victim was Limp Bizkit 
frontman Fred Durst, with the hackers making off with a home-made 
porn video from his computer (why people - particularly 
celebrities - are stupid enough to make these things after what 
happened to Tonya we don't know). Schmidt was negotiating with 
the hackers and Durst in an attempt to organize a legitimate 
release of the footage, but the hackers welched on the deal and 
posted a whole lot of his private information on the net!

Naturally, he's upset about it: "We're going to catch those 
little bastards", Schmidt was quoted as saying. Apparently the 
irony of a guy who makes his living off selling embarrassing 
intimate photos of celebrities having his own privacy violated 
completely escapes him. The words "hoist" and "petard" come to 


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