T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

October 12, 2020 Edition - TONYA FAN ART SPECTACULAR
(C) 2020 Portland Ice Skating Society

Greetings, fellow Tonyaphiles, and welcome to another edition of 
The Portlandian for 2020.

This issue, we've got something a bit different. Over the past 
few months we've built up a substantial backlog of Tonya-related 
fan art from Instagram. So we've decided that rather than sitting 
on it until our next edition, which will be Tonya turning the big 
five-oh, the best way to deal with it is a special fan art-only 

As is often the case with fan art, the quality tends to be quite 
variable, ranging from excellent to not-so-great, but that's not 
the point: the point is that it's done with love, and that's what 
makes good art, irrespective of its technical quality. So let's 
get started.

First up, a couple of Tonya montages:



   Watching I, Tonya and loving every minute of it.


tomita akane (tomitaakane)

Hannah (hgrxphics)
  "I, Tonya concept poster by me. I’ve decided to take a more 
   minimalist approach to my film posters, so I thought I’d start 
   with one of my favourite films :)"

   some Tonya sketches.

Ashlyn Jade (valkyrie_ash_art)
   "Was drawing @therealtonyaharding in my favorite costume she’s 
    worn and then f-ing ruined her face when I was lining it. I’m 
    so sorry you don’t deserve this disservice."

Sophie Speight (sophieespeight), (speightscribbles) London, UK.
   "Watched ‘I, Tonya’ recently (which I highly recommend!) and 
    thought I’d have a go at drawing one of her crazy figure 
    skating poses. Found it really handy when drawing this one to 
    flip it horizontally to check I had got it right as it was 
    such a bendy pose!"

   A LaVona sketch.

Yu-Ming Huang (ymhuang_illos)
   "Obviously social media has had a massive impact on the fame 
    game, but not in a positive way. But it can be for some. – 
    Margot Robbie".

Kamila (teruteretsu)
   Another sixfanarts challenge - including Tonya and Hannibal 

apricot.jpeg, Tonya, Trabzon Turkey
   From a town called Tonya in Turkey.

Luc Thiers (theirsofaclown)
   Tronya - a Tron/I Tonya mashup. Notable in that it combines 
   real Shawn with Margot-Tonya.

Leonardo O'Donnell (leodonnell)
   A mashup of three movies - I Tonya, 3 Billboards and Florida 

Valerie DW (valeriedw_art)
   Triple axel drawing - "F-'em, I’m skating better than ever." 

Zoun Technis (zountechnis)
   "I wanted to be loved."

Ivan Cuervo (ivancuervobe)

   "TONYA HARDING!! ever since I, Tonya, ive been so interested 
   in figure skating and all that specifically the fashion of the 
   outfits and everything but like her story is really 
   inspirational to me and i wanted to draw this legend :)))"

Dari (cr4zyartist)
   Pencil sketch - "One of my favorite movies of all the time 
   with my favorite person."

   The triple axel.

   Tonya in her red dress from her '93 and '94 Short Programs - 
   with an animated fire background.

   "I've never been a girly girl" - click and see Tonya sparkle.

Jess Anne (itsweirdsister) Halifax NS.
   "I really miss conventions!!! This is one of my best sellers 
   at conventions, and it's a piece I really love so I'm glad it 
   resonates with people. It's actually kind of Tonya Harding fan 
   art....I find her super fascinating! Swipe for the full 

Emilie Peaker (emiliekinssart)
   Praying Tonya.


   "The majority of my t-shirts I own are movie related prints, 
   it has been my style for many years now and the clothes I'm 
   the most comfortable in. This I, Tonya print from @redbubble 
   is probably my absolute favourite one I own though! what I'm 
   wearing today!"

   "The print image is taken from the iconic scene in the movie 
   when Tonya first lands her famous triple axel and this is one 
   of her celebration poses. One of my favourite shots from the 
   movie too!"

   "I watched I, Tonya 7 or 8 times in the cinema when it came 
   out here in early 2018. Not only is it one of my favourite 
   movies ever but probably my favourite @margotrobbie 
   performance too!"

The Kate Pages (thek8pages)
   "I have a ton of these movie/tv doodles sitting in my notebook 
    from all my quarantine re-watching, so I think I’ll do a 
    little series of them."

   "I, Tonya y la maravillosa Margot Robbie."

   "Tonya Harding is an intresting person, I've been captivated 
   and caught in her story for a while and I needed to paint 

James Chapman (chapmangamo)
   "Tonya Harding, my star."

   A minimalist movie poster featuring young Tonya skating.

Aleeka (dcnversly)
   MOVIE SHE’S IN. Ngl Margot deserve an oscar for her role as 
   Tonya. I love how the movie shows tonya’s past and how it 
   represents it ASTONISHING."

   minimalist movie poster.

Lucien Carr (ladysaltyfish)
   "There's no need to have class when you have talent".

   Is this cute or what? Computer artwork of the triple axel 

   Fake VHS tape box.

Nisha B. (nickel.salt)
   "Exploring Expressions: 1 
    Rage, Insecurity, Self destruction. Aggressive. Manic. 
    Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly in I,Tonya."

YUKI (yu_movies)
   Another movie poster.

Sam Dermody (samueldesign00)
   Minimalist Posters on Underrated Films: I, Tonya

   Chair scene.

jkendrew (Jessica Kendrew)
   "What is your triple axel moment? I'm sure everyone has had at 
    least one that has made them feel like this. Maybe not 
    Olympic Ice champion scale but it's all relative right? I've 
    been trying to think of mine, there are definitely lots but 
    getting married and having my daughter Tabitha are definitely 
    up there. Also getting a couple of jobs that I really wanted 
    got pretty internal fist pumping moments. I'm sure there are 
    more and remember, you can never feel this good unless you've 
    felt disappointment, sadness and a host of other crap 
    feelings too." 

   "i watched this movie the other day, it was very interesting 
   and different from what i usually see. i did like it though, 
   and the way it was made was really cool."
   More Tonya photoshop fun - how the Olympic podium in 1994 
   should have looked.

   Living the Tonyaphile life - "Eat, sleep, watch I Tonya, 

fattorerurale (Fattore Rurale), Trattoria La Moretta, Italy
   A song dedicated to Tonya - no idea what it says.

raymondeetmarijo (Raymonde Et Marie Jo)
   "I, Tonya"-inspired embroidery.

l3mon_boiiuwu (Alan LemoOn)
  A b/w sketch of Tonya being interviewed in her kitchen.

jilliancaliforniabuilds (Jillian California)
   What Tonyaphile's life would be complete without a Lego Tonya?

Four variants on the now-classic mirror scene:

Addison Hoven
   I related to this scene in @itonyamovie in a way I really 
   couldn’t put into words. (mirror scene)


_alexnegri (Alessia Negri)

   "This is freaking me the f--k out I drew the eyes so... big... 
    anyways screencap redraw from I, Tonya because I watched it 
    on a whim at like three am and it was very good I gave up on 
    the outfit if you couldn’t tell but I think overall it’s 
    good. Oh my god this is scaring me I pray for those who are 
    just scrolling through their feed and they get hit in the 
    face with this."

    Another IT poster - with blood on the ice.

Tonya on the podium.
   Translation (I think this is the best role for Margot, without 
   exaggeration. She did her best when she played Tonya Harding. 
   In general, this is the only biography film that I watched 
   more than once or even twice, and I was not bored. I love that 
   the film shows all the points of view on the events that took 
   place in 1994 and on Tonya's life in general.)

At this point, we want to make special mention of Gisa Zur 
Nieden, aka Gisafrog, from Germany, who is a regular poster to 
the Reinstate Tonya Harding Faceboook group. We've mentioned Gisa 
before - she has one of the largest collections of Tonya photos 
on the internet at her Planet Tonya Pinterest page:

But Gisa has also been busy creating many fan-art pieces, 
including jewelry, necklaces, earrings and collages, and we 
thought it's about time we featured them here. Some of these 
have even been liked by the real Tonya! (earrings)

  "Like I hinted on the crafting supplies Post, the little metal 
   Charms became earrings inspired by the amazing 

   As Tonya wrote on Instagram that she loves snowflakes the 
   charms star in a double role as ice crystals and snowflakes. I 
   Chose the colours of the crystal glass beads to remind of 
   Tonya's famous costumes (the mint one in which she did the 
   triple Axel at the US Championship 1991 and the blue/purple 
   one from Olympic Festival 1990 and the exhibition at World's 
   Championship 1991 rsp. her great dancing Dress from Dancing 
   With The Stars." (Tonya star)

  "As today is the Birthday of the amazing @therealtonyaharding. 
   Here is another piece of Fan-Art to celebrate her (Tonya, If 
   you See this: I Wish you an awesome day.) As Tonya commented 
   on the DWTS twin Collage that she loves glitter, this one is 
   extra glittery and sparkly. (I used a star-shaped canvas, 
   glittery Cardboard, a Lot of glitter paint, metallic sticky 
   Tape and little stick-on acrylic Stars.)

   Love her Smile on this picture." (Christmas stars)

  "Here are christmas star ornaments of another kind:
   Inspired by the amazing @therealtonyaharding. I have no room 
   for a proper christmas tree, but I Always put Up a bunch of 
   fir branches and now I have some Tonya-tastic decorations for 
   them.(And as, according to her Instagram posts from Last year 
   Tonya really seems to Like Christmas. I thought it's quite 
   appropriate). I used Cardboard, glitter and holo Cardboard, a 
   Lot of glitter paint, stick-on acrylic Stars and metallic 
   chenille wires for the borders." (gloves)

  "Here are "door" 9 and 10 of my amazing #naehkromanten advent 
   calendar. Day 9:
   Washi tape (I never can have enough of that) Day 10:
   Mega-wooftzy-cool wrist warmers/fingerless gloves in one of my 
   favorite colours ?????? I ?? Them and a great side effect is 
   that the embroidered snowflakes/ice crystals remind me of the 
   amazing @therealtonyaharding" (lantern)

  "Here are "door" 14 to 16 of my amazing advent calendar Day 14:
   A beautiful, skating- and snow-themed lantern/ tea light 
   holder (Like the wrist warmers once again perfect for a little 
   big Tonyaholic ) Day 15:

   A nut bar (a little yummyooptz for on the Road is always 
   great)." (Xmas lights - photo is 
from Tonya's Reno skate, Feb 1997)

  "I used a Cardboard box as a Base, a Lot of paint and glitter 
   paint, snowflake stickers and snowflake-shaped Micro christmas 
   lights (as Tonya wrote on Instagram that she loves snow I 
   found it very appropriate, also for christmas, of course)."

t-shirt & mug -

   "*Unpaid advertising* (at least I think so because I mention 
    the online Shop)

   I just have to show (off) some new things sporting the amazing 
   @therealtonyaharding. Got Them from @redbubble (Artists: 
   #yowisy and #joanwaters)

   If anybody recognizes one of the mugs: My first Tonya mug fell 
   to the Floor and broke. So I just had to get a new one.
   And as they Had a Post-Christmas Discount on mugs I got 
   another one with the triple Axel Motive I already have as a T-

   And there are also some Stickers (e.g. for my phone case or 
   laptop)... Even the little Scrunchie Stickers are somehow 
   Tonya-related #scrunchiequeen" (triple axel collage)

  "Here are, for a Change, some snowflakes. And MORE important: 
   it's another piece of Fan-Art...  @therealtonyaharding nearly 
   exploding with Joy after her triple Axel at the US 
   Championship 1991 

   I Love this picture of her.

   It was done with a lot of glitter paint, iridescent rsp. 
   metallic sticky Tape for the ice and the Scrunchie, tiny seed 
   beads for her earrings and the decorations on her Dress and 
   some snowflake stickers." (scrunchies)

  "Here's another scrunchie post. They seem to be multiplying 
   behind my back, so here is Volume 3

   They are Not only a homage to the 90s, but also to the amazing 
   @therealtonyaharding ?#scrunchiequeen #icequeen

   The big Green one in the left row and the second-top one in 
   the middle row are extra-Special. They are hand-made and I got 
   Them from the amazing @regenbogentigerfrau in the 
   #adventcalendar Swap via the #naehkromanten community

   Love all my scrunchies and wear them daily... Always matching 
   my clothes." (Tonya fairy)

  "Some years ago I drew a Lot of fairies (like the flower fairy 
   I showed some Posts ago). And lately I felt like drawing some 
   new ones.

   Here is my ice and snow fairy. It isn't any old fairy but very 
   much inspired by the amazing @therealtonyaharding (the real 
   ice and snow fairy).

   (Tonya, If you should See this: I very much hope that you'll 
   Like the colour scheme and the cartoon Style I feel a Bit 
   self-conscious about that one, but I wanted to Show it 
   anyway)." (triple-Tonya collage)

  "Here is another collage I Made to celebrate the amazing 

   It's the First of two "Triple Tonya" collages I Made that show 
   her in several beautiful costumes and poses. I Love These 
   Pictures of her.

   I used a Lot of glitter paint (background and decorations) and 
   metallic Gel pen, metallic sticky tape (scrunchie), iridescent 
   sticky tape for the ice, stick-on acrylic stars (background) 
   and tiny little seed beads for the decorations on her 
   costumes." (collage)

  "Let's celebrate spring (and put a counterbalance against 
   everything Bad and scary happening right now due to the Corona 
   Virus) with the amazing @therealtonyaharding

   When I saw these pink flower Mini fairy lights I Just knew 
   that I Had to make a new Tonya shadowbox

   I Love this picture of her, this costume is so cute

   I used a Lot of glitter paint, star stickers, iridescent Vinyl 
   (for the ice) and metallic chenille wires for the decorations 
   on the rim of the Box. (And Like always I burned myself with 
   the hot glue, but I would do anything for Tonya)." (necklaces)

  "Here is the first of three new necklaces inspired by the 
   amazing @therealtonyaharding

   My favourite figure skater as an inspiration for Nail polish 
   jewelry comes quite Natural to me because she is known for 
   Always perfectly painted nails

   Blue and purple are in my mind "Tonya colors" and I wanted to 
   try how to combine them best

   Of course the painted Glass cabochons are very sparkly and I 
   added ice crystal/ snowflakes pendants (as Tonya commented 
   once that she loves snowflakes). I used different kinds of 
   crystal glass beads.

   Hope you Like it." (collage)

  "Here is another little collage. Actually it's a spin-off from 
   a shadowbox I'm going to Post soon...

   As we know Tonya can fly, so Here she is, star among the 
   Stars. This is my favourite costume of hers."

And here's some more: (jewelry) (collage) (collage) (jewelry) (jewelry) (magnets) (more magnets) (DWTS collage) (earrings) (DWTS collage) (Tonya-themed earrings) (triple axel collage) (more scrunchies) (necklace) (Tonya & Sasha on DWTS) (collage)

Gisa is always adding new Tonya-inspired works - you can keep 
up with the latest ones at:

Finally, how cool is this? Tonya posts a photo of a sunset on 
Instagram, somebody turns that into a painting, and then Tonya 
signs it!

AnneMarie Donahue (amd_teach) Westminster MA.

Tonya's original sunset photo:


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