T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

February 12, 2020 Edition - 
(C) 2020 Portland Ice Skating Society

Welcome to the first edition of "The Portlandian" for the New 

The end of 2019 marks not only the end of another year but also 
the end of a decade. The Teens have been great for Tonya - they 
began on high note with her marriage in 2010 and the birth of her 
son the following year, something that she didn't think was 
possible. And it's finished off with a critically-acclaimed movie 
that has rehabilitated her public image, an appearance in the 
finale of Dancing With The Stars and her taking first prize on 
Worst Cooks.

It's been a decade that has seen more progress for Tonya than 
even the most optimistic Tonyaphile would have ever dreamt of. 
Let's hope that the 20's will win her more fans and prove to be 
even better.


The end of the decade has also seen movie critics looking back, 
and "I Tonya" has been named on numerous "best of" lists by many 
sources, including "best biopics" and "best movies of the 10's" 
lists. Here's just some:
Chapel Hill, NC.

Meanwhile, Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes' "You're Wrong 
About..." podcast has been named one of the best of last year by 
Time magazine and Vogue - and the Tonya episodes are specifically 


"Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera" made its Florida debut at 
Theatrezone in Naples last week, to a positive review in the 
local paper:

   The entire cast delivers in every number, but it's McArdle's 
   literal "two-faced" scene when she sings as both moms. The 
   accomplished international star — who starred as the original 
   "Annie" on Broadway — sings with conviction as two different 
   people, which brings the loudest applause and cheers.

   "Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera" skates on the edge of drama, 
   comedy and sarcasm (and there's lots of it), with a few well-
   timed f-bombs. A few opening night miscues of a line flub and 
   a microphone feedback blare does not take away from this 
   exemplary show.

   One of the main scandals from the '90s, the sordid "skate-
   gate" and "war between the skates" was reality that was better 
   than fiction for those of us who lived through it.

   Yet this TheatreZone offering deftly navigates that episode 
   while also poking fun at it. That's not an easy task but 
   there's no better director to pull it off than Mark Danni, 
   TheatreZone's founding artistic director.

An earlier article by Harriet Howard Heithaus (and try saying 
that name after a few beers) also has some photos:

   "I was obsessed with that since forever. I was writing about 
   this way, way before the movie," she said, referring to "I, 
   Tonya," the biographical film of Harding as the outcast in ice 
   skating's "princess" milieu for her working-class demeanor and 

   The story never left Searle's mind, and when her niece asked 
   her to collaborate on a composition project, a chamber opera, 
   Searle turned again to the two.

   "We never looked back," she said. "I thought, this is the way 
   to tell the story." The half-hour chamber opera, with music by 
   Abigail Al-Doory Cross, is actually still making the rounds of 
   opera companies.

   But if that was a good idea, meeting rock composer Michael 
   Teoli was an even better segue for Searle.

   "Rock opera is such a good medium for this story, because it's 
   so gritty," she declared. "Everybody sings their feelings. 
   It's a dark comedy, but it's also pretty intense because we 
   try to get at what these girls went through."

The local ABC affiliate interviewed the two leads, Nikki Miller 
(Tonya) and Whitney Winfield (Nancy), and also director Mark 

Theatrezone's own YouTube channel has some scenes of rehearsals:

Another article:

Performances are being held at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 13, 14, 15 & 16 
with matinees at 2:00 p.m. on Feb. 15 & 16 at the G&L Theatre, 
Community School of Naples, 13275 Livingston Road, Naples, FL.

Tickets range from $50-$75 and may be purchased by phoning 
888-966-3352, ext. 1, or head to:


Tonya has been a busy girl on Instagram since our last issue.

Back in November, Tonya posted several more photos: one of 
herself in camo gear, another of her in the snow on Thanksgiving, 
and a third of her in the snow in a bikini, the latter proving 
that she has lost a lot of weight over the past 18 months since 

- (Bikini)

- (Snow)

- (Camo)

When Tonya does Christmas, she does it right, as she shows with 
this picture of her tree:


Tonya felt so good about the New Year that she posted the same 
picture twice!


Another couple of posts from Tonya, who was in Chicago in January 
doing another speaking engagement. The group in question asked 
for no publicity, but she did post a couple of photos from her 
time in the Windy City:

   @rpmsteak the best food ever and the most gracious restaurant 
   owners I have ever met! If you have not tried this you have 
   got to try it!


   Thank you to miss Lindsay cancer survivor Tonya Survivor thank 
   you for all your support and thank you for being you! God 


Tonya takes on the Dolly Parton Challenge:


- (if you don't 
know what it is).

Finally, Tonya has a new addition to her family: a puppy called 
Dorado (Spanish for "golden"):


She says that "Rocket Kitty doesn't mind I'm so glad and our son 
called him his brother".


Last issue we celebrated Tonya's birthday with a cake. But we're 
not the only ones with this custom.

Eventyrplassen Vannførelaget is a community group in Oslo, 
Norway, who are also hard-core Tonyaphiles. In keeping with their 
long-standing tradition, they've also celebrated her birthday 
with a cake. A member of the group explains:

   Hello. This year Tonya's birthday was on a Tuesday, 
   Vannførelagets weekly meetingday. We celebrated her with this 
   cake. The text on the top of the marzipan-cover is Tonya 49 
   years. Greetings from Vannførelaget.

Here's an earlier cake that they did for Tonya's 47th birthday a 
couple of years ago:

And one all the way back in 2000:

Let's hope this is a tradition that continues for many years to 


We are also pleased to report that Tonyaphiles made their 
presence felt at the recent U.S Figure Skating Championships that 
were held in Greensboro, NC. last month.

Ms. Harriet Marcus of the nearby city of Raleigh wore one of our 
Tonya t-shirts to the event. She has kindly allowed us to share 
this photo of her modeling the shirt:

If you'd like emulate her, you can download the files from here:

Let's hope that this is another tradition that will build up 
steam over the coming years.


The rock opera isn't the only musical Tonya-related work on the 
radar at the moment. Back in October, New York-based funk/rock 
outfit The Ninth released their first album, "Olympic 
Dream/Nightmare", that also draws inspiration from the '94 

The project was originally the idea of guitarist Ben Halperin. "I 
always thought that Nancy versus Tonya was the greatest sports 
story of all time. How is it that the highest profile attack on a 
competitor in sports occurred in women's figure skating?? There's 
also a classic underdog, mustachioed super villain, improbable 
comeback and a bittersweet ending that's often overlooked", he 
told Broadway World recently.

Halperin originally conceived of the work as a musical, but 
changed tack when he learned of the existence of the rock opera, 
instead turning it into a concept album. The fact that others 
have tackled the same material, including the movie "I, Tonya", 
doesn't concern him. "After all, there have been, like, five 
Spiderman movies recently, and this story is at least as good."

"Olympic Dream/Nightmare" is an online-only release and can be 
found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and Bandcamp:

Track listing:

 1. Olympic Dream/Nightmare 04:17
 2. Saving Grace 03:15
 3. Trailer Park 03:05
 4. Watch Ur Back 06:36
 5. Pipe Dream 03:16
 6. Why Me?? 04:32
 7. The Jump 03:53
 8. Oksana 03:51
 9. Big Night in the Limelight 06:55
10. Bad Guy 04:26


As we all know, Tonya's signature move was the triple Axel. But 
what is often forgotten is that she also had a pretty mean triple 
Lutz as well. Now somebody has put together a compilation of 
Tonya's triple Lutzes from 1986 to 94:

The final 3-Lutz of her eligible career - from her Lillehammer 
Long Program - was also one of her best. Here it is, and in 
SloMo and HD:

Tonya's landing of the triple Axel at the 1991 Nationals also 
resulted in her being named ABC's Athlete of the Week:

This clip aired on February 23rd, 1991 during "The NutraSweet 
World Champions Figure Skating Exhibition" on WIXT Channel 9 in 
Syracuse, NY.

Here's another clip of Tonya attempting a Triple Axel in 
practice, probably in 1994:

If you want to compare Tonya's technique to others, here's a 
bunch of compilations of ladies' triple axels and quads:

Lastly, here's an analysis of Midori's 3-axel - she's 72 cm off 
the ice according to this guy's calculations:


The Skating Lesson channel also has several of Tonya's routines:

1989 UsNats SP:

1989 UsNats LP:

1989 SkAm SP:

1992 UsNats SP:

1993 UsNats SP: (with the wardrobe malfunction)

1994 Ladies SP: practice

1994 UsNats EX:

They've also got the TV movie "Tonya & Nancy: The Inside Story" - 
no, your speakers aren't broken, the sound is only on one 

1994 Olys LP - take 2. This may be from Canadian TV from the 
sound of the voiceover:


We're being a bit picky now - gone are the days where anyone with 
a club and a bandaged knee gets listed. Now we're only selecting 
the best ones, such as those who have gone to the trouble to 
create a decent costume, or which are just plain odd. The first 
one definitely falls into both categories:

Tonya and a Tardis: this bizarre Skategate/Doctor Who crossover 
featuring Amy Baldwin (Tonya) & Shelley Greene (Nancy) was 
spotted at Ace Comicon in Chicago several months ago:

A few more photos:

Amy Baldwin (with Jon Snow) (Chris Hemsworth) (Tom Holland) (Montage)

Shelley Greene (missgreeneinthelibrary) (second place face) (with Deadpool)

These were not the only Tonya/Nancy cosplayers in Chicago - this 
other pair was at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in April 


Tonyaphiles down under:

We've mentioned Corrine from Melbourne in Australia a couple of 
times before - she was out and about a few months ago upholding 
Tonya's flag:

   Flashing back to @therealtonyaharding and @margotrobbie this 
   Friday - because badass winners are grinners (and this costume 
   took 60 hours to make!)


Here she is at Supernova in Melbourne back in April 2018:

And what Aussies can do, Kiwis can do as well. Larissa Stevenson 
in Methven, NZ is the first first New Zealand one we've seen:


More from Tonyaween:

torogers13: (Toni Rogers) says: "Throwing it back to last 
Halloween, since Tonya and Nancy were never given their proper 
dues on social media.


abbyyleigh: (McCullough Creative) and friend score points for 
recreating the classic "olympic practice" photo in the second 


brescia.dover pays homage to the triple axel:


pappanther - another Triple axel tribute:


squadgoalschi at Gracie O'Malley's Wicker Park, Chicago: 


Cher Horowitz: This one comes complete with a "Jeff". She says 
"Reposting because in true Harding style, I also made my own 
costume???? If I’m honest though, Oksana remains my favorite 
skater of all time."



brooklynnlr: (Brooke Reinhart) - recreates the pose from the 
movie poster:


kbco9 from Colorado:


We finish off with a couple of "gender diverse" entries:

holdybear4 from Utah:


Divine Emmeline of Chicago:



We're slowly catching up with the huge backlog of fan art out 
there. So much good stuff, so little space:

rituraj - what is sorely needed in real life - an "I Tonya" comic 
book adaptation: 

Amanda MacFarlane (theanimatedlife) - A watercolor of Tonya tying 
her skates: 

The Incident continues to be fertile ground for artists, even if 
it's not always totally accurate:

mario_zucca - a diptych inspired by The Incident:

Plus a couple of bloody Tonyas:

Antony Harwood

Susana Lopez (draw_susy_draw) "Also an I, Tonya screenshot study 
because this movie is one of my favorites ever, idk maybe I just 
enjoy watching people curse and be violent while wearing sparkly 

Check out the accompanying video that shows how this was done.

Jaime San Felippo (jaimeboy) - tattoo of Tonya holding Nancy's 
severed head.

Jasmine (Art by Jazzles), from Australia has used a scrapbook 
format.  "Went with the given 80s/90s vibes from the movie & 
colour scheme. I couldn’t really decide on what I wanted for the 
layout so I just winged it I guess (but technically, I’m always 
winging it)"

Frowny Faces (frownyface dolls) - a Tonya sock puppet:

Kevin Litle (kglpdx) has the one wallet that's even cooler than 
Samuel L. Jackson's one in "Pulp Fiction" - it's got Tonya 
landing her triple axel on it! "Oh excuse me, let me pay for 
dinner out of my new #tonyaharding #wallet #livinglegend 

duanececcarelli - a very weird drawing depicting Tonya as a bat-
like creature: "Omaggio al film 'I,Tonya' con i personaggi del 
mio progetto The Grinning Cricket". (Homage to the film "I, 
Tonya" with the characters of my project The Grinning Cricket.) 
©Duane Ceccarelli

Charlie (couchbearandpig) - Tonya in her brown fur-lined jacket:

Anxia-Tees, Phoenix AZ. - LaVona t-shirt drawing:

Kim Croshaw - "Dream team", from the famous '92 Olympic team 

daniela_soto_figueroa Viña del mar, Chile - cartoon of Tonya 
preparing for her Lillehammer LP:

From a "draw a scene from a movie" competition in Russia:

Tamila (boredmilano) 
- Lillehammer 

Olga Voronina @brightbird_ri - young Tonya shooting rabbits:

@milesha.sai - 3axel drawing
- (video showing 
how this was done, set to the music of "how can you mend a broken 
heart?" from the movie.)

@__fifaza__  - 3axel

@kirochka_i - a rare picture inspired by Tonya's boxing career:

Mad Horses @poison_juice - Tonya on TV, after winning the '94 

@lisaneprel - Velikiy Novgorod, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Russia - 
the mirror scene:

Barsuchka, Ryazan, Russia. - crayon drawing of the mirror scene:

Some fans have drawn their own alternative film posters:

Joao Pedro Petersen

Steve Lopez ( Sydney AU: 

imbuckybxrnes (Danielle/Multi Fandom)

Cedric Vu (cedvuart) - Los Angeles CA: 


Ghostdog - Michel Carfagna - (michell_carf) weird-looking IT 

MonsterSora - pencil sketch of Tonya, inspired by the movie 
- (oct 5)

Artpoots(Oct 5) White-Pink Geranium - Ingenious Talent
"hey guYs here’s my painting of @therealtonyaharding !! I painted 
her last year for inktober so I thought why not try to paint her 
again to see my improvement! I really think my art has gotten 
better since last year and I absolutely loVE how this came out so 
let me know what you think"

Triple axels:

Normiebitch (ronzor) - a pixelart

Adhika adhikaprajnaputra - a pencil sketch of the Triple axel:

maakodolls (Maria Kogan)- a Tonya doll made from an Abbey 
Bominable (Monsters High) doll. She says: "And that's the reason 
why #margotrobbie took soooo much time ?? I don't like working 
with #AbbyBominable. Not only because of her blue skintone, but 
especially because of her huge clawed paws. Sawing them it was 
really something!!!"

Megara Yoshida: - Tonya 

olly_eye - (Lydia) pencil sketch of Tonya skating:

quiethuman (Sky Semenuk) Philly, PA: watercolor of Tonya in her 
Olympic team uniform: "Got to meet the amazing 
@tanshoesandpinkshoelaces today & give her this Tonya Harding 
painting (You’re Wrong About fan-art?)! Anyway, go listen to her 
podcast and learn about stuff"

Karsyn Jade (kjadeskating) - a cartoon inspired by the finale of 
Tonya's 1991/92 Long Program featuring ZZ Top's Sleeping bag:


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