NOTE: in the issue of the Portlandian reproduced below, it was stated that Michael Rosenberg 
of Marco Entertainment was now acting as Tonya's agent. Since this issue was published, we 
have received further information that clarifies Michael's exact role in relation to Tonya. 
Michael has informed us that he has not, at this stage, formally signed Tonya on as a client, 
but is acting only as an advisor. Michael says that he supports Tonya as a friend and is 
currently considering the best avenues by which to get Tonya back into mainstream skating.

The staff of the Portlandian apologise for this error and any confusion it may have caused.

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P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

January 29, 1999 Edition - NEW AGENT FOR TONYA
(C) 1999 Portland Ice Skating Society

We are pleased to kick off this extra-large issue with a piece of 
news that marks a major development in the campaign to get Tonya 
back into skating. It's easily the biggest Tonya story of the 
year to date, and probably the biggest since the Lillehammer 
Olympics. In fact, it's bigger than Shawn Eckardt's boxer shorts 
and a heck of alot more interesting. It is something that is good 
news for all true figure skating fans.


Tonya has now signed with a new agent, Michael Rosenberg, and his 
company Marco Entertainment. Unlike some of her previous agents, 
Rosenberg is not another used-car salesman selling dirty pictures 
of Bill Clinton's mistresses to girly magazines, but is in fact a 
real SKATING agent, one of the most established and respected in 
the business, with a stable of over 50 other top name skaters. 
Indeed, he was Tonya's own agent up until late 1993 when he was 
forced out by Gillooly. However, as Rosenberg elaborated on the 
E! special, he feels that Tonya has been punished enough and that 
she should be allowed to return to skating. Accordingly, he has 
decided to take her back as a client.

Rosenberg is the senior manager/agent in the ice skating world, 
having begun his career representing Dorothy Hamill eighteen 
years ago. He has managed the skating careers of over 20 Olympic 
or World gold medalists including Hamill, Oksana Baiul, Linda 
Fratianne, Viktor Petrenko and Pasha Grishuk/Evgeny Platov. The 
firm currently represents 53 champion skaters from eight 
different countries. MARCO reported pre-tax client earnings of 
over $5 million in 1997 and commissions and/or tour profits in 
excess of $1 million. The company produces the annual Elvis 
Stojko tour in Canada, as well as several made-for-television 
skating events. Present headline stars include U.S. champion Rudy 
Galindo, French Olympic medalists Marina Anissina and Gwendal 
Peizerat, U.S. legends Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, French 
sensation Surya Bonaly, five-time U.S. champions Elizabeth 
Punsalan and Jerod Swallow and Canadian sweetheart Elizabeth 

Rosenberg, 55, has garnered several TV award nominations in both 
the U.S. and Canada for the production of skating specials, 
including the Tai Babilonia movie-of-the-week, ``The World Cup of 
Figure Skating'' and Elizabeth Manley variety specials in Canada. 
MARCO celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1997 and has represented 
during that tenure such diverse stars as singers Peggy Lee and 
Johnny Rivers, Hall of Fame football coach George Allen and PGA 
golfer Wayne Levi. Rosenberg also produced the Budweiser 
Superfest concert series starring Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin 
and Smokey Robinson. 

Formerly the head of marketing of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & 
Bailey Circus and the Bicentennial American Freedom Train 
Foundation, Rosenberg is a highly decorated veteran of the 
Vietnam War, where he served in the Air Force during the period 

Rosenberg's current project is a major skating spectacular that 
will take place at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing next 
month on the 18th. Skaters appearing include Petr Barna, Olympic 
Bronze Medalist; Calla Urbanksi & Rocky Marval, U.S. National 
Champions; Karen Preston, National Champion of Canada; Eric 
Millot, World Bronze Medalist; Viacheslav Zagorudniuk, World 
Bronze Medalist; Zuzanna Szwed, National Champion of Poland and 
Natalie & Wayne Seybold, U.S. Silver Medalists. The show will be 
directed and choreographed by World Professional Champion Robert 

Clearly, the fact that Tonya now has such a powerful player in 
the figure skating business on her side as an ally is excellent 
news for Tonyaphiles and all those who love to see skating talent 
allowed to excel. It represents a serious body blow to the 
conspiracy that has kept Tonya largely off the ice for the past 
four and a half years and will clearly be major worry for the 
skating establishment, who now find their anti-Tonya plans are 
skating on thin ice. And it goes without saying that "The 
Portlandian", the Internet's premier source of Tonya news, will 
keep you fully informed as Michael plans Tonya's comeback.


By now, many Tonyaphiles will have seen the Tonya special that 
screened on the E! Entertainment network last week. For those who 
didn't, the Skate Puppetboy site has kindly provided a review, an 
edited version of which follows. The complete version can be 
found at their site at :

   After the usual introductory material, (and aside from a 
   massive amount of commercials, which unfortunately is par for 
   the course on the channel) the E! special actually got down to 
   some interesting content, most of which consisted of fresh 
   interviews with Tonya.

   Tonya talked about her difficulties in transforming from the 
   sexy jumper/skater she was into the delicate, artistic China-
   doll others wanted her to be. As Tonya says, "...when I was 
   skating to Sinatra music, it was very hard for me to 
   concentrate on doing my jumps when I was really trying to 
   concentrate on following through with my fingertips and my 
   chin and everything else, I mean, it totally was not me."

   We hear from "Shane Stant--Hitman" who claims that Tonya knew 
   about the planned attack on Kerrigan, but I really don't want 
   to repeat any material from a "hit-man" who could barely 
   manage to rough up a female figure skater. Fortunately, the E! 
   special gives Tonya ample opportunity to relate the mis-
   treatment she received at the hands of Jeff Gil-Stone. One of 
   the most interesting revelations from Tonya concerns the 
   pressure she received from the USFSA after her divorce from 
   Gil-Stone. Seems that a figure skating automaton needs a happy 
   family life to be accepted, talent be damned.

   Tonya explains that in a phone call a USFSA member told her 
   "they thought I had a stable life with him [Gil-Stone], and 
   that I needed to be with him or I may not get the marks that I 

   The E! special asked the USFSA about this, and were given the 
   usual "no comment."

   We see a lot of interview tape with Michael Rosenberg, who 
   essentially blames Gil-Stone for breaking up the agent-client 
   relationship between himself and Tonya.

   The E! special then tries to create a duel-that-wasn't-there 
   between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. It is not a question 
   of whether Tonya could outskate Kerrigan. That's pretty much a 
   given. Whether the Gil-Stone-era Tonya could concentrate on 
   skating well enough to outskate Kerrigan is another question. 
   Whether Tonya had a chance given the USFSA's preference for 
   China doll skaters is yet another. 

   Tonya's father, Al Harding, claims that Gil-Stone admitted to 
   him that he and a poorly-fashioned goon squad put together the 
   lame attack on Kerrigan and that Tonya didn't know about it. 
   Al insists that Tonya wanted to beat Nancy "on the ice."

   In the most disturbing moment of the program, Tonya relates 
   being taken up to the mountains and threatened with death by 
   Gil-Stone et al. Tonya is, we know, a pretty good actress. 
   Nonetheless, her intimations of physical and mental abuse in 
   this desolate mountain setting are upsetting.

   Tonya's legal moves against the USOC are mentioned, and then 
   we finally are informed that Nancy came in second at the 
   Olympics in Norway and Tonya finished eighth.

   A point the special doesn't fail to pick up on, and even 
   "Brownie" Brennan gets this right, is that figure skating was 
   never so popular as it was after the Harding-Kerrigan 
   incident. As Brennan says between bouts of Nancy-worship, 
   "Anyone in figure skating who doesn't bow once a day towards 
   Portland, Oregon and say, 'Thank you, Tonya Harding' is nuts."
   Dorothy Hamill is trotted out to agree with the above, in some 
   contrast to earlier comments by Brian Boitano, who claimed 
   that the incident took the emphasis off the competition (wake 
   up, Brian).

   We get the details of the plea bargain, and if anyone ever 
   tells you that Tonya got away with anything, just give them a 
   run-down of these stipulations: 1) THREE years probation, 2) 
   $50,000 donation to the Special Olympics, 3) $100,000 fine, 4) 
   resignation from the USFSA, 5) 500 hours of community service. 
   Tonya, of course, is still being punished, although all the 
   goons involved got out of jail a long time ago.

   When the USFSA screwed Tonya by banning her for life, they 
   also, according to Rosenberg, made it clear that appearing 
   with Tonya would spell the end of a figure skater's career.
   As Rosenberg says, "Here was one of the greatest athletes in 
   the world, banned from her life." As usual, the USFSA could 
   not be reached for comment.

   We get a few comments from Tonya on her second husband. We 
   hear about the "life-saving" in the bar, and the "kidnapping" 
   (with more bile from Brennan's jealous mouth). There may be a 
   book on the way. (If it ever comes out, I volunteer to 
   personally whack Christine Brennan in the head with it.)

   Rosenberg explains that the USFSA/USOC will never forgive 
   Tonya because she dared to stand up to them. Even the 
   special's narrator Phil Crowley can be heard to say that Tonya 
   "defied the stereotype of the Olympic figure skater." Yup. And 
   that, really, is what the USFSA and USOC cannot forgive. As 
   Tonya observes, "I apologized so many times, I paid my price, 
   and people just won't give me a second chance."

And yes, we agree with what Tonya says about Sinatra; we think 
that "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" by The Ramones would be much more 
her style.


Another Tonya related site has surfaced in the past few days. L. 
D. Smith has a site with many beautiful pictures of Tonya (plus 
many other skaters). It can be found at:

David House has also given his site a makeover for the New Year, 
while the Official Tonya site operated by Roy Edwards has been 
deluged with messages of support since the screening of the E! 


In a closed door meeting in Switzerland over the weekend, the 
International Olympic Committee attempted to salvage what's left 
of its sorry reputation in the wake of the shocking bribery and 
corruption scandal that surfaced just before Christmas. As 
revelations of sleaze and disreputable practices continue to pour 
out, information has emerged that strongly suggests Salt Lake 
City is not the only Olympic site that has been tainted. It has 
been revealed that Sydney established a "development fund" for 
several African countries to support its bid, whilst Japanese 
businessman Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, who owns extensive amounts of 
property including ski resorts in the Nagano area, donated $10 
million to one of Samaranch's favorite projects, the IOC museum 
in Lausanne. It has also been discovered that the Nagano bid 
committee's accounts have conveniently been destroyed, supposedly 
due to "lack of storage space".

Pushed into a corner, Samaranch has finally been forced to act. A 
reformed bidding process has been proposed, and five IOC members 
have been suspended. Four others have already resigned, one has 
been given a warning, and three more are still being 
investigated. Another of those accused died several months ago. 
But while on the face of it this all seems to be good news, a 
closer look shows it's just another sham from the man who really 
should be nick-named "Scamaranch". For a start, he himself 
refuses to resign, claiming that it would be like a captain 
deserting his ship in a storm. But his analogy is flawed: storms 
are Acts of God, while as the current mess has largely been 
caused by Samaranch himself, a man whose entire life has been 
spent bribing and palm-greasing his way up the totem pole, first 
as a leading Fascist, later as an IOC member.

Samaranch may be unaware that "Olympic" was the name of a sister 
ship of the Titanic. We feel that a better (not to mention more 
trendy) seafaring comparison might be with the captain of the 
Titanic, who plowed on through an icefield arrogantly assuming 
his vessel was unsinkable. But while as Captain Smith nobly went 
down with his ship, Samaranch stays on board solely because he's 
desperate to selfishly cling onto the lavish limousine and five-
star hotel lifestyle he enjoys as IOC head. If he's not careful, 
the Olympic movement itself may suffer the same fate as the 
Titanic as disgusted athletes, sponsors and consumers rush for 
the lifeboats to escape the foul stench now reeking from 

Half-hearted reform is not enough: the entire IOC needs to be 
made more democratic and its processes more transparent. A start 
must be made with Samaranch's resignation, a call that has been 
echoed in leading newspapers around the world including The Times 
(England), Le Monde (France), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Bild 
(Germany), The New York Post and The Australian. Nor must he 
merely be replaced by another of his ilk; the fact that the USOC 
still publicly supports Samaranch shows that they haven't got the 
message and are not fit to offer any alternative. The aging 
commies, facsists, crony capitalist bootlickers and other pirates 
must be forced to walk the plank and be replaced by able sports 
administrators elected on merit for fixed terms. Only then can 
the true spirit of Olympism and athleticism that is personified 
by athletes such as Tonya be restored.

PS: We have a couple of rare photos of Samaranch on our site that 
he's very anxious you never see. Check out:

You can also now visit "Lords of The Rings" author Andrew 
Jennings' own website for more on the current scandal:


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