T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  E
  T   H   H  EEEEE

PPPP   OOOO  RRRR  TTTTT L       A   N   N DDDD  I   A   N   N TM
P   P O    O R   R   T   L      A A  NN  N D   D I  A A  NN  N
PPPP  O    O RRRR    T   L     AAAAA N N N D   D I AAAAA N N N
P     O    O R   R   T   L     A   A N  NN D   D I A   A N  NN
P      OOOO  R   R   T   LLLLL A   A N   N DDDD  I A   A N   N

The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

February 25, 2014 Edition - SPECIAL TONYA QUIZ EDITION
(C) 2014 Portland Ice Skating Society

Today marks the final major milestone in the 20th Anniversary of 
Skategate - Tonya's disastrous Long Program at the Lillehammer 
Games, best remembered for the "broken shoelace" incident. It's 
obviously not something we want to dwell on, so here's the 
answers to our 20th Anniversary Tonya Quiz instead. See how 
much Tonya trivia you know.


1) What was the name of the documentary on Tonya directed by 
Sandra Luckow in 1986?

a) Sharp Edges
b) Breaking The Ice
c) The Price of Gold
d) Tonya & Jeff's Wedding Night

Answer: a). This documentary contains some of the earliest 
footage of Tonya in action, including probably the only images of 
her doing the now-defunct compulsory figures.

2) Which controversial American figure skater once performed to a 
track entitled "People Are Still Having Sex"?

a) Nicole Bobek
b) Christopher Bowman
c) Tonya Harding
d) Johnny Weir

Answer: c). It's easy to imagine any of these skaters performing 
to this song, but it is of course our Tonya, who used it for her 
short program in her 1991/92 season.

3) Tonya is the first American woman to perform which skating 
move in competition?

a) triple Axel
b) quadruple Gillooly
c) camel-toe
d) iron lotus

Answer: a), which anybody with any pretense of being a Tonyaphile 
would know. The quad Gillooly doesn't exist (just one Gillooly 
was one too many) and although there's probabably been camel-toes 
in skating I'm sure they predate Tonya. As for the iron lotus:

4) Which of the following movies did Tonya NOT skate to music 

a) Batman
b) Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
c) Much Ado About Nothing
d) Dances With Wolves

Answer: d). Tonya skated to music from all the others, including 
Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood" - but as far as we can tell, never 
Costner's "Dances With Wolves".

5) The official fan magazine of Elaine Stamm's Tonya Harding Fan 
Club was known as what?

a) Blades on Ice
b) The Skater
c) The Portlandian
d) The Oregonian

Answer: b). This vigorously pro-Tonya publication lasted for 
around 18 months and always advocated on her behalf against a 
hostile skating establishment. You can find some issues on our 
site at

6) What happened to Tonya at the 1993 Pacific Northwest 

a) her dress came undone
b) her skate blade came loose
c) her shoelace broke
d) she received a death threat

Answer: d). The full story of how Tonya courageously coped with 
this is told in the November 1993 edition of The Skater, which 
can be found at the URL above.

7) What was the name of the "security company" that Shawn Eckardt 
ran out of his parents' house in Portland?

a) National Security Agency
b) World Bodyguard Service
c) Central Ice-skating Agency
d) International Skating Union

Answer: b). However the only "bodyguard" work he ever did was 
accompanying Tonya through a throng of reporters at the airport 
when she returned home. The NSA are the people who rummage 
through your e-mails, the ISU is the outfit that runs corrupt 
skating competitions.

8) What was the weapon used to whack Nancy Kerrigan?

a) lead pipe
b) crowbar
c) collapsible baton
d) tire iron

Answer: c). Contrary to the initial erroneous reports of 
witnesses (which endure today), the weapon was not a crowbar or 
tire iron but an ASP collapsible police baton purchased from a 
security store in Phoenix. It is rumored that it was later 
destroyed by the FBI once it was no longer needed as evidence.

9) What did Nancy say right after she was clubbed?

a) Why? Why?
b) Why Me?
c) WTF?
d) This is so dumb & corny

Answer: a). The Intersport footage only shows Nancy saying "Why? 
Why?". The misquote "Why Me" - often cited as an example of 
Nancy's "whinyness" - surfaced the following day on the cover of 
the New York Daily News and later Sports Illustrated.

10) Which of the following was NOT one of Nancy's sponsors?

a) Reebok
b) Disney
c) Campbell's soup
d) Mane & Tail shampoo

Answer: d). Okay. We admit it. This is nothing to do with Tonya, 
it was a just a cheap excuse to get a horse joke in about Nancy.

11) Portland journalists Abby Haight & Julie Vader wrote a 
quickie book about Tonya entitled what?

a) Fire On Ice
b) Thin Ice
c) Tonya & Nancy - The Inside Story
d) A Good Whack

Answer: a). The book was written in about five days and published 
in early February 1994.

12) An incriminating note, allegedly in Tonya's handwriting, was 
found in a dumpster outside which location?

a) The Clackamas Town Center mall
b) The Dockside Saloon
c) The Lillehammer Skating Hall
d) Morry Stillwell's house

Answer: b), though the note actually contains handwriting from 
three people: Tonya, Jeff & an unknown third person. Tonya says 
that the only bit in her writing is Diane Rawlinson's phone 
number, not the parts relating to Nancy's practice rink.

13) A skater at the Sochi Olympics recently performed to music 
from the film "Schindler's List". Tonya skated to the theme from 
which other Steven Spielberg film at the 1994 Olympics?

a) Jaws
b) Jurassic Park
c) Raiders of The Lost Ark
d) E.T. The Extraterrestrial

Answer: b) - Tonya used this for her ill-fated Long Program in 

14) In which position did Tonya finish after the Long Program at 

a) 6th
b) 10th
c) 4th
d) 8th

Answer: d). Despite the problems with her shoelace, Tonya 
actually improved two places on her Short Program result to 
finish in 8th place.

15) In the wake of the Whacking, what did Shawn Eckardt later 
change his name to?

a) Jeff Stone
b) Brian Griffith
c) Derrick Smith
d) Shawn Gillooly

Answer: b). Eckardt changed his name to Brian Sean Griffith. In 
2004 a reporter from Willamette Week discovered him running a 
computer company in a run-down area of Portland but was unable to 
gain an interview. He died in 2007.

16) What was the name of the low-budget action movie which Tonya 
had a part in shortly after she returned from Norway?

a) Breakaway
b) The Prize Fighter
c) Anything To Win
d) The Spy Who Whacked Me

Answer: a). Tonya plays a waitress who finds a stash of mob money 
stolen by her two-timing boyfriend's other girlfriend. Although 
only on screen for about 10 minutes in total, she does have a 
hilarious scene where she beats up a hoodlum & kicks him down 
some stairs. The film does not appear to have been re-issued on 
DVD in English, so you're probably going to have to dust off the 
VHS player to look at it.

17) Who was the wrestler that Tonya acted as "celebrity manager" 
for in 1994?

a) The Undertaker
b) The American Love Machine
c) Ravishing Rick Rude
d) Jake The Snake Roberts

Answer: b). Contrary to some reports, Tonya has never wrestled. 
She did, however, have a one-off appearance playing the "Manager" 
of Art Barr, also known as "The American Love Machine".

18) What was the name of the band that Tonya formed for a one-off 
charity gig in Portland in 1995?

a) The Golden Blades
b) The Triple Axels
c) The Silver Skates
d) Tonya & The Gilloolys

Answer: a). Named after her lucky gold skate blades, Tonya formed 
this band for a one-off performance in Portland for Jerry Lewis' 
charity - a fact conveniently overlooked by the media. It was not 
an attempt at a pop singing career. Tonya was booed & pelted with 
plastic bottles, though whether this was a protest against Tonya 
herself or just her singing ability isn't clear.

19) In late 1995, Tonya married briefly for a second time. What 
was her new husband's name?

a) Darren Silver
b) Doug Lemon
c) Michael Smith
d) Christopher Nolan

Answer: c). Tonya's marriage to mechanic Michael Smith lasted 
exactly 100 days. The fact he had no idea who Tonya was when he 
met her should have been a big tipoff he wasn't the sharpest 
knife in the drawer.

20) Tonya skated during a break in a hockey game in which 
American city in 1997?

a) Minneapolis, MN.
b) Reno, NV.
c) Detroit, MI.
d) Charlotte, NC.

Answer: b). Tonya skated during the interval in a hockey match in 
Reno in early 1997. It was the only gig that her "agent" David 
Hans Schmidt could get her thanks to her blacklisting by the 

21) Tonya made her pro debut at an ESPN competition held in which 
city in 1999?

a) Portland, OR.
b) Phoenix, AZ.
c) Huntington, WV.
d) Charleston, SC.

Answer: c). Tonya made her pro debut at this competition in 
Huntington WV in October 1999 where she was welcomed back by 
other skaters such as Liz Manley & eventually placed second.

22) Who was Tonya's opponent on "Fox Celebrity Boxing" in 2002?

a) Darva Conger
b) Amy Fisher
c) Paula Jones
d) Danny Bonaduce

Answer: c). Tonya was supposed to fight Amy Fisher, but Fisher 
withdrew & was replaced with Paula Jones at the last minute. The 
others all participated in the two celeb boxing specials, along 
with Fisher's lover Joey Buttafuoco, but none fought against 
Tonya. Tonya did subsequently appear on TruTV's "World's Dumbest" 
series with Bonaduce.

23) Tonya's former agent David Hans Schmidt was arrested in 2007 
after trying to blackmail which movie star?

a) Tom Cruise
b) Sylvester Stallone
c) Bruce Willis
d) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Answer: a). Schmidt, who had gained a reputation as the go-to guy 
for people with sleazy photos of celebrities, tried to sell 
Cruise photos of the actor's wedding that he had obtained from a 
data recovery expert. He later committed suicide.

24) In addition to her skating achievements, Tonya also holds a 
world record in which other sporting field?

a) boxing
b) land speed record
c) pool
d) drag racing

Answer: b). A little known fact is that Tonya set a World Land 
Speed record of 97.177 mph (156.391 km/h) in the Vintage Gas 
Coupe class at Bonneville in August 2009 racing in a friend's 
car, a 1931 Model A Ford named Lickety-Split.

25) Who is the first U.S. Ladies skating champion to be born A.W. 
(After Whack)?

a) Mirai Nagasu
b) Ashley Wagner
c) Rachael Flatt
d) Gracie Gold

Answer: d). Born August 17, 1995, Gracie is the first U.S. 
Ladies' champion to be born post-whacking.

Extra bonus questions:

Q: Portland writer Sarah Marshall is working on a book which 
includes chapters on both Tonya and 1970's porn star Linda 
Lovelace. What else does Tonya have in common with Linda Lovelace 
(apart from the obvious)?

A: Both have been portrayed by actress Tina Yothers (best 
remembered as the little blonde kid in the '80's sitcom "Family 
Ties") - Tonya in "Spunk: the Tonya Harding Story" and Lovelace 
in the stage production "Lovelace: The Musical".

Q: Tonya at one stage skated to a program that included Z.Z. 
Top's "Sleeping Bag". What other connection is there between 
"Sleeping Bag" and Tonya?

A: The song's music video features Nightmare on Elm Street's 
Heather Langenkamp, who also played Nancy in the TV movie "Tonya 
& Nancy, the Inside Story".


0-7:   You could probably get a job writing for the Oregonian.

8-14:  You have serious work to do to get up to speed on our ice 
       queen. I suggest you study our site, particularly back 
       issues of "The Portlandian" and "The Skater", and the 
       sites below.

15-20: Pretty good, but there's always room to improve.

21-24: You'll be first in line for a Doctorate in Tonyaology when
       Oregon universities start adding it to their curriculum.

25 + the bonus questions: You're Christine Brennan, aren't you?


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